Worst and best character in MK 4/Gold

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I looked at the title of the thread and I chuckled. Sorry haha Perhaps change the title to the "worst and greatest character" or what not. Im not a grammar nazi or anything.

*edit* Noticed the op is from Romania
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Re: Worst and goodest character in MK 4/Gold

Out of the new characters in MK4/Gold, Tanya is the only one I like. Fujin comes next, but I sometimes feel like he's a Sindel rip-off.

EDIT: Forgot about Quan Chi! He's actually up there with Tanya. Lol. ;)
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Re: Worst and goodest character in MK 4/Gold

lol goodest...
any way man, i really love sub zero and kung lao in this game, and i really ****ing hate jarek and kai. totally pointless characters and jarek is just a copy of kano only lamer than him.
Re: Worst and goodest character in MK 4/Gold

Kai is not pointless, thats all I'm going to say about that.

Reptile & Scorpion are the best for me, it feels like Reptile is a lot faster than everyone else.

Worst for me is Fujin, I just can't get used to his moves.
Re: Worst and goodest character in MK 4/Gold

I can't remember how the characters played, but I do remember the game had a painful, un-smooth feeling to it.

In terms of characters the worst from MK4/MKG are:

Fujin- meh
Jarek- clone
Kai- boring
Tanya- pointless
Meat- doesn't count

Basically everyone new except Quan Chi and Shinnok were bad characters... Reiko was good enough to not be labeled as sucky but not much more. With that said, I wouldn't mind seeing all of them revamped, and made relevant, for future games.
Re: Worst and goodest character in MK 4/Gold

best: Reiko and Quan Chi. worst: Fujin, Jarek, Kai, Meat, Shinnok, Tanya. get it? ;)
Re: Worst and goodest character in MK 4/Gold

Best: Raiden

Worst: Every new character

Quan Chi and Kai are my favs! Kai was originally planned to replace Liu Kang but it never happened! Id like to see some changes with that though.

Worst imo are Jarek and Fujin never like either of them
Best - Quan Chi, Tanya, Shinok and Reiko is alriiiight....just hope Reiko gets a strong revamp from the NRS team.

Worst - Jarek, Kai and Meat.

The others are meh...unmemorable but not awful, I just hope if they're included in the next game they get a revamp just like Stryker did. I used to HATE Stryker in MK3, I LOVE him in MK9 the Mortal Kombat team did a great job with him so I believe they can do the same with almost every character.
In MK4 I was a beast with Reptile and Reiko. I loved Tanya...that's when she became my girl.

Even though I was really good with Jarek, he was pointless with Kai being a close second.
Well Quan-Chi is already here ... so I miss Shinnok, Reiko and Fujin.
Kai and Tanya could be interesting too.

hmm worst one?
Personaly I disliked Kai, but Jarek is one of most unoriginal characters ever. Lame Kano clone.
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Fujin is without a doubt by far the best totally new character in MK4. Some people might think wait, what about Quan-Chi and Shinnok? Well they are both awesome too, but they were featured in MK:Mythologies and not totally new. Jarek the 'last' Black Dragon was ok only because there was no Kano, bring Kano back and there's no need for Jarek.Maybe in the future Jarek could get some disfigurement to make him unique,a metal jaw or arm, something. Reiko had some pretty cool moves, but no real story anyone could understand or get behind. Kai was alright story and move wise, Tanya not so story wise, although her ending in 4 was a surprise ( I always liked the violent endings). Fujin was definetly the best new character and I like him as huch as alot of the older member of the cast. I wonder what Fujin would look like in an older MK? There's so much potential for wind based attacks and a story line involving the God of Wind.
worst: Meat
runners-up: Shinnok (I love sorcerers, I hate HIS look), Jarek

best: Reiko, Quan Chi
runners-up: Fujin (lots of potential with overhaul), Tanya (potential with overhaul)
Fujin: Great
Reiko: Good
Kai: Liu Kang clone
Jarek: Kano clone
Tanya: Kitana/Mileena copy
Shinnok: The worst (no specials just an imitator)
Best: Kai (Since he has some good mixups)
Worst: Shinnok (He had everyone elses moves but none of his own except his weapon and Fatalities.)

But on another note, how can Meat be the worst character when he takes on the character you originally intend to play as. Although I will admit that the amount of work you have to go through just to play as him is rather ridiculous.