Who do you think are the best tag team partners in MK9?


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Baraka and Kabal. Or Baraka and Reptile. Both are really good. AND really ugly, which is a plus! ;)


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So are we no longer making up Team names? lol

Rain / Nightwolf- Team Raindance
Ermac / Shang Tsung - Team SoooouuuuuulTrain
Kabal / Reptile - All State Track Team
Goro / Sheeva - Team 'If you're happy and you know it'

Sorry for being off topic
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CSZ and Noob: Reunited brothers! (idk, I'm bad with names lol)
One for pressure, the other is for... pressure and corner comobos, or to spam turtlers that love waiting to uppercut me, or jump all over the place >.>
Then again, I can corner combo with CSZ, /swt.


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Cyrax and Sektor for their amazing 40% tag combos (1 bar). Sheeva and Cyrax would be my other choice. Sheeva is mistaken to be a rusher or a teleport spammer , but she's much more. I think of her as an anti-spammer. Someone sitting back throwing projectiles at you nonstop is open for a teleport stomp. If you're a sit back and block type of player , open up for a ground stomp. Plus , Sheeva's fireball is pretty strong if you wanna trade projectiles. She's the best up close however. Cyrax is more of a set you up for a massive damage dealing combo guy , so I like these 2 together as well.


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scorpion and cyrax because scorpion can do the unblockable hell fire assist and cyrax can set up a free bomb trap that does 40% to 60% damage depending on how much meter you have.


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I know there will be some who wont have the same problems i have but Sub-Zero and Smoke are 2 of my best in 1v1 fights but whenever i pair them up in 2v2 fights always seem a bit difficult or i will just get my a$$ kicked. On the other hand, 2 characters i am alright with in 1v1 but really seem to do well in 2v2 are Shang Tsung and Liu Kang for some reason.


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liu kang + shang tsung. great for rushing AND zoning, i am undefeated with them (but iv only had like 10 tag matches)

Xx Skorpion xX

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I use Scorpion (Main) & Noob (Second Main). To be honest I ONLY use my mains no exceptions. So I can't really argue why I use these 2 for tag over another team. I like these 2 because when I'm Noob: the EX assist is hell fire which is a good set up for Noob since he's more of a zoner type. I usually use Hell fire and go in for the long combo. When I'm Scorpion... I just go in lol.. He's my main.

They call them " #teamIRONY "
Don't see the irony in Scorp & Noob though ??


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Im using Noob-Kenshi and is a good team. I like to call them "Team Get the F**k Off!" or "Team Lazy" since they barely move lol.