TRMK Guide - MK Vita Secrets / Unlockables Guide (SPOILERS!)

Before reading this thread:

MK Vita is lame as hell

After seeing Tremor:

Yeah, he is in BEAST mode now, almost as big as Tremor.

It was a great gift.

It made up for the prior year, when I foolishly gave him an Etch-a-Sketch.
There's a "1.21 gigawatts" joke in there somewhere, I can sense it. But back to the topic at hand, hopefully the fact that they finally included Tremor is a good sign for future games.
When I remember how Boon was declining him being in MK a million times, I'm starting to think I should no longer trust his "no's"

Ed Boon probably put him in the Challenge Tower, as a joke to the people that kept asking about it.
He's only in the Challenge Tower, and he has limited \ borrowed moves (according to the screen shots).
I wanted Khameleon though. But it's ok. I doubt I will buy this version.

The Tremor addition has me wishing I had a Vita.

I agree with you, though. Had they added Khameleon, I'd be more pumped than Michael J. Fox was after I gave him the Shakeweight for Christmas.

Like other bust characters in the franchise, Khameleon has been retired permanently. She's never coming back.