Tremor fans Rejoice! List 3 things you hope to see when Tremor is released. READY GO!


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I really hope they do something sick with his variations, and as for his storyline, it would be really cool if they really built him into the MK universe and went into his past and stuff, but they can't do much for it, except for making a ladder ending so the 3 things I really want to see is some character defining gameplay.
1. It would be mandatory for them to put a variation based around actual tremors, like ground pounds, and spikes shooting up from the ground, and overall, Tremor being able to use motion of earth to attack from any range.
2. A variation themed around natural disaster, maybe he could imbue sorcery to add elements to his attacks, like say, fire, to a projectile tornado he could send, similar to kitanas royal storm attack. And instead of him having a normal ground spike special, it would spawn a mini volcano that shoots a bunch rocks in the air that falls on the opponent.
3. A zoning variation where he gains the ability to use sinkholes, similar to Noobs shadow portals in MK9. He could use to trap or to maneuver around quickly, and I could picture him having a brutality where the opponents falls inside a sinkhole and meat just spews out of the floor. Yea. I think this would be amazing, what u think?