The toughest characters to face offline?

Who do you hate facing?

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Sektor and Jade are probably the AI's I have the toughest time with. Noob can be a bastard too (****ing air kick to teleport EVERY TIME) but as a Noob player I feel like I can bait his teleport when it counts. Jade is sort of a beast with her AI and she always seems to catch me off guard when she uses her projectile. Sektor's AI.... Well that's what inspired me to start using him. Christ. He will show no mercy! Also Kabal has a tendency to be a tough fight for me.

Kung Lao's AI is a joke, I feel like at least half the damage I get off him is from uppercutting his teleport, which is a 50/50 chance he will do it if he's fullscreen away.
Mileena is tough due to the fact I never play against here and when I do I always fall for here teleport