The toughest characters to face offline?

Who do you hate facing?

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Strangely enough, I only have trouble with Sindel a majority of the time. She has really good projectile mix-ups, and I don't always beat her to the punches.
Sektor for me. He seems to always know what im trying to do even though I make it a mind-game, Also gets me with the tele-punch alot.
Yeah I expected Sindel & Sektor to be a frequent choice. I tried to put the most annoying ones on the list lol

I chose Kung Lao and Raiden, they are way harder for me than their online counterparts. Especially Raiden on expert -_-
Not to brag but I beat expert ladder with no continues every time if I'm using Ermac, Nightwolf, Stryker, or Scorpion. Kahn (and any other character) is so easy on any level, just crossover jump punch into combo over and over.
Raiden, he uses his B3,2,1 a lot mixed with superman flying, teleport and shock ..... sometimes, you have a feeling you are facing someone online, playing against him offline !! XD
Jax can actually be a bit of a pain as well.....I played him a few times in which he would do his goddamn backbreaker each time I jumped, multiple gorundpounds and shoot his stupid....whatever.

I hate Jax.
Sindel. She f-----g kills me. Her projectile mix-ups make it a pain in the ass to get to her and when I do she has really quick wake-ups and always seems to know what I'm going to do before I do it. Brutal...
Believe it or not, Sonya seems to have my number. She is incredibly adept at countering my playing style and knocking me to the ground. Other than her, Ermac has made quite a name for himself. Enough so, that I'm starting to really like him.
Noob because of his stupid freaking teleport smash that I never see coming.

Mileena always makes it close, but I haven't lost to her yet.
Oh shit, I read "online" and voted for that. Can I change my votes?

Anyway, the toughest A.I. for me is Baraka. I feel like his AI was made for when he didn't do as much damage, and now that they buffed him he's really tough. He just completely mops the floor with some characters! First of all, he's on top of you the whole match. And when you try to create some room he can punish you hard. Every time I jump at him he does the spin or chop chop, everytime I shoot a projectile he charges me. Toughest AI fight for sure. Baraka is just really good if you can anticipate the opponent's moves, and the A.I. cheats to know exactly what you're doing. Those two are a scary combination....

Btw, for some reason Scorpion gives me trouble too. Probably because I'm used to expecting a noob playing him and the computer does everything differently. I keep expecting a teleport and blocking high, and he does takedown or hellfire, etc. etc. I also keep forgetting you can block and punish on reaction offline, which never works as well online. Of course, if you try to expect a computer's move he's gonna do the opposite because he can read your moves. And like Baraka he's good if you can anticipate.
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Raiden and Baraka are cheap when they are before Shang Tsung. I play Hard mode and once I get better, I'll play Expert mode. (Hopefully by Summer.)