The Curious Case of Jacqui Briggs' Mother


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... I don't see it being Jade or Tanya, for shits and giggles or not. I don't see Tanya having any big significant role since she's DLC, and Jade... I don't think these two even interacted at all during the events of 2011. Sure they may have been in the same room every now and then, but you're expecting me to believe that two characters that had little to no interaction somehow hooked up right after they got their lives back and procreated? I really don't see that happening at all...

Man, some times these random theories on how these kids were created scares me at times. And yes, I do take the fun out of stuff as well.

I see it just being some random woman that has little significance to the story other than being Jacqui's mother and Jax's wife (or girlfriend)

jax and jade actually fought eachother


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On Twitter, a user with the handle @endlessfatality asked if Jacqui's mother was important enough for fans to actually see in the comics. This was the reply he/she received:

Shawn Kittelsen ‏@kittelsen 4h4 hours ago

@endlessfatality You'll see her!

Now, my question to you all is: Who is it likely to be? I've seen many people ask about Jade or Tanya, which I assume is based on the fact that Jacqui looks to be fully African American. As both of these ladies have brown skin, they are likely candidates but could it be an entirely new character? There is also a possibility that it could be Gemini, a character who debuted in the Mortal Kombat Special Forces game but was never seen. Who do you all expect Jacqui's mother to be or want it to be?

Jacqui’s mother makes an appearance in the MKX Comics. Her name is Vera Briggs.