Team Signatures (Userbars)

can you make one called "team dlc" with skarlet, kenshi, rain, and freddy? and if its done send it to me? k just a request you dont have to do it
Anyways if you cant do the team dlc one can you do one with rain, ermac, and noob and call it team paperclip? why? cause those are my mains
These are awesome. Thanks a million.

Can you please make two for me:

1) Fire & Ice: Scorpion and SubZero
2) Wraiths Unleashed: Scorpion and Noob Saibot

PS: Just the letters in bold
So..... Back from the dead for the new MK! Glad to see this thread stickied and my bars everywhere across the forums :D

I'm not looking at making any new MK9 bars since I don't really have my templates, and renders anymore, just a fyi.

But.... I was wondering if there would be a general interest in new bars for MKX? It'd have to wait till there's some new consistent images/renders floating around. It looks like the loading screens show only one character at a time from what I've seen. Though, last time I don't think it took too long though for a full set of the MK9 characters to come out after announcement. Still when I have the pictures and font I need to make some nifty MKX bars, wondering if there'll be a lot of requests?