Tanya in MKX?


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Ed Boon &#8207 [MENTION=633]noob[/MENTION]de 20m20 minutes ago
“@sub_zero_aj: [MENTION=633]noob[/MENTION]de can we get some news.on tanya ??
EB: She's koming soon,
In early June,
Or my name ain't Boon.


You may not have liked that Smoke was just a palette swap of Scorpion, but others may have. Was it a good idea? To some, no, to others, meh. At the time, people were still in awe that there's this smoke-like character that has Scorpion's abilities. As time progressed, we realized that it was probably done like that out of pure laziness or just that they ran out of time, or lack of technology.

You have to remember, back in the day when they were doing live-action, they didn't have as much technology as they do now. They may have had problems trying to get Smoke the way they wanted, they probably don't. I sure as hell don't know their reasoning behind making Smoke a copy but now he's fleshed out and people like him. They may be indifferent or absolutely hate the way his hair looked like in 2011, but honestly, at this point in time it really seems that not that many care about how he started out as.

Sorry but you have learned the most biggest lie of midway team and the ed boon ´s fake innocence. Is true about that midway team had a problem with the time........... but lack of technolony? no, lacks ram memory at arcade cabinet? suddenly no, your stupid beloved ed boon specially in 1995 has managed the resources of mk just in real shitty quality management. If you want you can check the unused differents resources in mk3 umk and mkt, cause they ´ve loaded lot of them in the memory ………. So is very easy to say “was lacks of technology” when the principal programmer/coder gave an useless resources overloaded in arcade memory. MKT was the most consequence of this, cause it ´s was the first game for the normal players in starts to show the first traces. This problema started in mk2 in really, but continues in mk3 , umk3 and exploded really in mkt. Also boon inserted the most horrible finishers, stages, the most horrible martial chorography and the first stupid -up story mode. Sorrey the major responsable of mk ´s shitty metamorphosis, was boon an also the critized to the game MKM :Sz when in really is alot better than his stupid mk3. Too we can say that Tony Goskie did a wrong step in suggest to get urban stages......... mk3 is the first big insult to mk.

Just because they've made numerous swaps doesn't mean that they're going to constantly do it now that they have the technology they've been dying to have since the beginning. You might be one of the dozens upon dozens of fans that hated the whole palette swap, but just because they've done it a lot in the past, does not mean that they're going to continuously do it in these games that has given them the chance to finally flesh out these characters for once.
It ´s not was only pallette swaps my friends, Swaps for boon was extremely an abuse since mk3 until today, i can say to you that since 1995 this was gradually decreased, but honestly take to mkd and you will still find swaps too and sorry but the technology is more strong since 1997 until today and this is not a valid excuse for repeat thise kind of errors, and as always this stupid ed boon still makes this kind of error, they are truly lazzy in the deep of their souls, means that him or nrs wants more Money than art from a game.

She is not Kitana in any way, shape or forum with the minor exception that she had her fighting stance. Is that really all that's going to take you to just completely hate all of the DLC because placeholder Tanya has Kitana's stance? You're no different than the fans that kept crying about how such and such is going to suck without even giving anything a chance during X's pre-production phase. I mean, we haven't even seen Tanya in action with all the touch ups she's received, the only thing we've seen are pictures of a bit of her fatalities and brutalities as well as a gif that shows off her select screen movement. Other than that, there's nothing on her. So why judge without even giving a chance?
I have said to other users likes tanya husband or incubus lord that i will wait for the release of tanya. I wish that Nrs not repeat the generic errors on tanya again.
Did you knew that at MkD her stance pose and others moves too was almost generic from scorpion hapkido style? also her desing in mkd/mkar was ed up so much. I´m so tired to see how many time this stupid team kills the originality of the characters, MK3/T and Mkd/AR are the most horrible example of errors and not was about lacks of technology.

I don't see you as a troll, but this whole last bit about your personal hatred for Boon is quite childish and reaching Sonya Bland stupidity.
Ok is stupid for you cause you prolly only plays the games but not surf very so much inside of them, neigther you don´t checks or not does comparisions, sprites sequence, wathching the concepts, designs from the past until today. Since 1995, i repeat you again cause i ´m talkimg this with knowledge, ed boon was up to mk until today with always wrong desisions,
Let to me inform to you: mk3 was the begin of this disgrace, then mk4 was a stop and brought balance a bit, mkda was a succes (cause the stupid boon followed Tobias ´style) and then since MKD, MK Ar, mkvs dc mk9 and mkx are a games less a truly mk game. Boon also is not only a generic abusers, too ripoff or borrow, copy ideas from others game franchaises and this means that kills the originality to mk.
It's kind of hard to sit here and not laugh at your reasoning because again, you're completely ignoring the fact that there's an entire team that gets to make decisions on what they want to put in this game and not just Boon himself. Yeah, he's the co-creator of the series, yeah, he's the director, but that doesn't mean that he is the only person that says what is in and what isn't in. I know that for a fact. Why? Because he works along with a team. A team that also gets to put in their two cents on what they want. Sure maybe not everyone gets to, but a good chunk of people do, not just Boon.
Ah yes? Well stupid hector sanchez was felt surprisesd about the stupid kotal kahn……….. and this only was an idea showed to ed boon in a closest past, now in 2014/2015 the same stupid ed boon decided add to him in mkx roster and poor kotal, cause everyone before to release and trailers felt a high hype but after release this char result really less powerfull that anyone could to guess, Even fake leaks info about kotal sounded better than actual game released lol

Honestly i am not ignoring no fact, and i don´t share your opinión that is different. And sorry, i don´t believe that many members in a gruop is demanding his ideas even when there are Money talks………sorry but the right floor always existed ,in include in midway team ,and specially at the at desingers area there is not good a chunk of ppl that do it demaning their 2 cent for add some stuff on game......... in really are few members that can demands anything....... very prolly persons like Voguel and himmerick.

It's quite amazing how many people seriously do not understand how a team works. I get the feeling that every person that literally singles one person out amongst the entire team and just blame them and not the whole team are the kind of people who sat there in their group projects and did absolutely nothing, and one bright person in that team had the balls to go up to the teacher and call them out for their laziness. I honestly think that with most of the people who constantly feel the need to sit here and blame everything on Boon because he's the face of the company.
Sorry but your principal error is believe that ed boon the face of the NRS when in really the face of this team are the minor employers that we not see their faces in a end credit game, .
Maybe ed boon is an employe of WB that is different, in this case maybe Wb can demands anything in the game. But honeslty do you believe that ed boon is the face nrs because is programmer celebrity that have a twitter account?
you want to be calm, you want to believe that ed boon not onlyone responsble, but I tell you that Ed Boon is more responsible of desisiones taken in the team in comparison with other members employees in the team, for something, he is the Director.

No again the face of Nrs are those employers cause they must helps that certain mk game must to run with succes.

Now if this game is going to the hell obvoiously nrs/wb must to fire those employers..... “money talks” And if Wb decided fire to ed boon, is a realated history but different at the final.......... cause ed boon is not a face of nrs........... stupid ed boon is the one of MK ´s face that is 1000 times more important than Wb and nrs together.

I also find it really freaking funny that you literally said "he doesn't know about the whats" of Mortal Kombat. A co-creator has no clue about his own creation... I have no words.

Although, seriously? We're gonna stoop to twelve year old antics by crying out that his "lover" is Vogel? How old are we exactly? Please.
Yes a co-creator (in really a moder engine in fighting games at 1992) that have not invented to MK (tobias done it in really) and actually is doing alot of cruelty innsane marketing more than the arts.
Why he listen from the stupid shaun himmkerik is trying to erase the classic mkg games and searching bring imnoviation in games?
Because they are not respecting the mk ´s origins, and here in the result in mkx: a game with few stage, lot news chars that in really are insignifcant “cof cof cof takeda/kung jin cof cof cof” , lots of previous characters that not was ´nt expanded, a stupid krypt better animated in comparision with mk9 but at the content a george bush´s fart. I don´t demand create game as i would like to be…………………… but i don´t respect a game that no respect the mk ´s origins.
And suddenly your beloved stupid ed boon wants more Money than m karts its the principal reason of why i´m posting, he is damaging to mk at the overall result.

I don't know why you single out Boon for making Mortal Kombat 3 when you also had Tobias amongst him as well. I'd figured he would get a lot of blame too since you're singling out one of the co-creators. So why not the other guy?
Tobias only has did sheeva and motaro stopmotion. Stupid ed boon and stupid Tony goskie has prssented to Tobias the concept of stages and characters designs for draw those.
Also mk3 storyline was made do you know by who? Toc toc “mr. Generic boon and Voguel”
And the worse of the worse in 1995, do you know was the most stupid person manage the horrible martial choregraphy at mk3? “PLIN” “PLIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNN” yes you do´nt want to belives i have said to you my friend? Who? Stupid Ed Boon. Now suddenly ed boon who that inserted the most horrible finishers on mk ´s history acros mk3/umk3/mkt.
And yeah, I know, this is your opinion, this is how you feel and such. But I'm sorry, I think it's quite humorous on how you're sitting here thinking that it's Boon's fault for every single bad thing that goes on in this series and completely ignoring the fact that you have a bunch of other people, men and women, who are involved in creating this game, who also should be blamed. That one person I mentioned in my previous post happens to be banned user Sonya Bland (*gasps* Who didn't see that coming?) This person absolutely loathes Boon for a reason that has to be one of THE dumbest reasons. He/she thought that he despises Rain because Rain never gets the "fairness" that he should get in the games despite that Rain was HIS creation because it came from HIS personal taste in music. His joke. I could not tell you how many times I sat here on my ass typing away as much as I could to get this person to realize that Boon is not the person to blame for Rain's absence in the series. However, despite that the person hated me because I constantly humiliated them in every single argument they started with me, they continued to ignore calling out the entire team and instead kept saying it's Boon's fault, it's Boon's fault.

Please don't stoop to Bland's level by ignoring the fact that there's more than one person to blame for the issues that you have with the series. It's not just Boon's fault, it's a lot of people's fault.

And of course if you don't get it or choose to just ignore this then that's what I'll do from now on every time this guy gets mentioned by you.

I don´t now about the user that u mentions more above, but honestly Rain in umk3 was the most useless creation at umk3. In mk ar midway team has made a real truly work with rains against all expectations of him. I have a diferent opinion about on mk9 really he is ed up except some coherence in certain ralistic detail on some moves. In mkx rain is a piece sh¡t.

My reasons are deep and never will be cheaps, but the famous palette swap ´era was a headache and i ´m agreed with you about that gradually this kind of errors descreasing, but well like a mk fan. I´m fully torture by the boon ´s desisons related or not his midway and nrs team..
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Sorry, I can't handle another argumentative post because I really am having a hard time understanding your English as well as I wish not to say some things because if I cannot say anything nice, I shouldn't say anything at all.

I'm just going to end it with, okay bud, that's your opinion.


Sorry, I can't handle another argumentative post because I really am having a hard time understanding your English as well as I wish not to say some things because if I cannot say anything nice, I shouldn't say anything at all.

I'm just going to end it with, okay bud, that's your opinion.

ok no probem, bro.