Taking things to the next level?


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I find that I'm good to average with some Mortal Kombat characters, but when I play against one of my friends, he's usually able to do ridiculous 40%+ combos against me online, and I'm lucky if I can do half that with my combos - I can never seem to get in a combo that is more than 5 hits - my brain just can't comprehend it for some reason, or I always up the timing. I see crazy shit like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MyVNiNeIA2A as well, but that really looks macro assisted along with being in practice mode. Any tips? :(


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That "crazy shit" is very possible.

We can't help until you tell us which characters you use.


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If you're interested in getting better i recently started doing a series on youtube for my subscribers, feel free to check it out! Hopefully it can be helpful to you and your quest to greatness! and you can add me on consoles/subscribe to my channel so I can personally help! :)