Stage Transition Inbalencces


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Hi guys, so I have noticed two problems with the stage transitions that I think need some attention

1. The distance you need to be to perform the transitions vary by stage. Now this would not be a problem if some of the distance needed are not too far from the corner if the stage. But you can perform some of the transitions from almost 1/2 of the stage. Take the transition in the port on the Themyscara as an example, you can perform the transition fro a little over 1/2 the stage away from the wall.

2. The second problem is that the damage done to your opponent varies with each transition. The Hall Of Justice transitions do 27% damage but the Metropolis transitions do 33% damage. Granted the damage done also depends on what happens to your opponent but still. The damage also differs between 2 transitions ON THE SAME STAGE, The transitions in the Fortress are a prime example of this. The transition to go from the lab to the zoo does 33% damage, but the transition to go from the zoo to the lab does 36% damage.

I think that all Stage Transitions should do the same amount of damage or if they do have different amounts of damage let the amounts no differ so greatly within stages. This leads SOME people to favor certain stages over others. What do you guys think? :)
There nothing wrong with them. You can easily dodge them.

Also the damage output I think is fine as it is.
You're exaggerating about being able to do transition half screen. I play on Port every time I'm player 2 so I can Donkey Kong those es with the barrels. The damage being different for each one makes sense, because the character is being thrown into different objects. It's up to you as a player to know where the transitions can be hit from and their damage output. Just go into Practice and there is an option to show the range of interactables.