So...I've got only one trophy to go..

I haven't mastered a single character. The conditions of the trophy, especially time using them, is just ridiculous. I got every milestone with Kitana, except for the 24 hours of use (I think I have 12 hours at the most).
I really thought the secret jade fight was the hardest achievement to get...this one is just time consuming

Actually it is. You are right. Secret Jade fight was for me the hardest.
This one was time consuming

Kabal / Nightwolf and Smoke mastered. I think I`ll do Reptile as the last since I need to play 4 hours with him:/
I have the time requirments for my top mains, but the only thing I don't have are their xray requirments. Actually a bit proud of that.
I quit chasing trophies after attempting the Hidden Jade one

:madsign3: <------------<<< Not strong enough!
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