Smoke UKK in MK3


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Anyone know the significance of Smokes UKK 10902-22234 in MK3? I was playing MAME MK3 today and it's actually something I've been wondering for years now. I wouldn't think anything of it really except Mileena's code in UMK3 is 22264-22264....kinda close. And I think Ed Boons birthday is in Feb. Maybe Feb 22nd 1964?
Also any veteran players out there that put that code in, did your machine go into freeplay mode after putting that code in? I remember ours at the Citadel Mall in Colorado Springs went into freeplay and the manager couldn't get it to back to coin op. Was that a glitch?

This is the only thing on the entire Internet I could find about that glitch.

Tried it on MAME on all versions and couldn't get it to work.

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It's not possible for the game to go into automatic free play. There are dip switches on the main board and settings in the menu to turn the free play on, but it the sip switches aren't set for free play, then there's no way free play could be achieved. I'm not sure how to explain what happened to your local mall machine.

As for Smoke's code, I don't think there's any significance at all. It's most likely just random numbers/symbols that Ed and John picked out of a hat.