Shin Megami Tensei

I'm not sure that I'll ever enjoy a Persona game as much as 3.

Don't get me wrong, 5 looks incredible and I know that I'll love it. But the series changed after 3 from what I saw. It became less grounded, more silly. Persona 3's world was so surreal, but almost seemed tangible.

That's not to say 4 didn't have its serious moments, but things like Teddy lessened the seriousness of everything. And it looks like that'll be the case with 5 and the talking cat who can turn into a bus.
P3 was a experimental game at the time it was created, as the previous titles were structured in a fairly typical JRPG fashion. However, it had issues like retarded AI companions, fatigue mechanics, and a rather clunky UI (problems that were addressed in P4) that are keeping me from finishing it.

As for P5, one thing that really interests me is the "handcrafted" dungeons for the story missions. I prefer dungeons with specificially designed layouts and puzzles over randomly-generated dungeons that have no noteworthy features. However, there is the Mementos dungeon for those who like randomly-generated dungeons.

There is return of the dialogue with demons, as well as the possible inclusion of platforming and stealth elements. However, we'll have to wait to see how they are implemented.
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