Sheevas alternate looks great but she is SOOO Horrible in this game and such a useless terrible character in all the games shes been in. I would have taken Rain or Khameleon over her any day
Sheeva was deadly in MK3. I think she was a good addition because they had Motaro replacing Goro/Kintaro, and they were keeping a shokkan in the game as a playable character and the first female shokkan. She had alot of the moves Goro had and her combos were real fast. I think they slowed her down too much in recent incarnations, and would like to see her returned to a normal speed. Just because shes a shokkan doesn't mean she has to be as slow as Goro/Kintaro who are big muscle heads. Sheeva's tall and long legs go faster then short ones. She may be a shokkan, but a smaller female shokkan, and I don't feel she has to be as slow and bulky as her boss counter parts.
Grown to hate her because of childhood memories of my dad spamming her teleport.

She's really fun to play with and it's interesting she's the Queen of the Shokan which means she must be strongest after Goro and Kintaro... Or is just overall a good leader behind Goro.

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