Shang Tsung Thread - "Your soul Is Mine!!"

you the man MKBlade! That was great gameplay, I'll post it in the third section. In the second match I felt like Alex should have gone for a F+3, 4 to hit reptile low, but whatever he played shang just like he supposed to be.
No problem, but I don't deserve the credit man. Credit goes to Level up for the streams and Alex Valle for beasting with Shang :D
Sub-Zero Strategies are completely done, I might add some more advanced combos at some point, but for now I'm going to work on Scorpion Strategies. Hope the strategies make it easier for you all to use Shang against certain characters!
Scorpion strategies are up! I'll do a smoke one next, or let me know if there's one you want first.
Love the thread, ive decided Shang might be my 2nd main, because hes top tier and a zoner. This and THTB's guide will definitely help.
Just a heads up. With Shang you gotta work to earn your victories. He won't give you easy wins just because he's top tier. His zoning is not like Ermac's where you can go on auto-pilot with 2 moves(don't get me wrong. Ermac is one of my mains). That said, he's very fun to play and you can go very far with him.

Good luck.

PS: The strategy guide on TYM is Brady's.
Yeah shoudl've figured, and yeah Ermac was my 2nd main for a while but I didnt think he had enough standard combos, but Shang Tsung has more options which is why I like him. Plus making my opponents stay back with ground skulls is just fun.
Going through the ladder with Shang Tsung today taught me that Ermac is an incredibly difficult match up for him. If you try to zone, he teleport from far off, or just plain outzones you from mid-screen and closer. If you try to take the fight to him, you get zoned heavily and he still kicks your ass even in melee combat. The only move that seemed to work was soulstealing.... The move itself seems faster than Ermac's zoning, but the way it's set up at least on the regular xbox controller it's pretty slow to actually pull off (soul steal also worked great against Shao Kahn btw).

Also, against Scorpion I noticed that enhanced force balls can reach him faster than he can teleport. I wouldn't recommend it against Smoke or Mileena, though.
Shang beats Ermac up close.

If you check Silents channel on Justin TV he has some matches against a beastly Shang.
Great thread OP! Was looking for some good tips about Shang Tsung and now I have them. Just watching those combo vids has made me want to go home and start practicing. At first I thought Tsung was a tad weak in this game but now I see the light. Thanks.
I have been having some issues dealing with a sub zero who keeps using 2,2 when im on the corner. Does Shang Tsung have any normal that can break this loop beside crouch front kick?
Props to anyone who can play this character well first off.

Fighting on an arcade stick, I find him a little bit difficult to play so I kinda got away from him at an early stage of this game. Going to local tourneys and seeing 50% of the people playing stupid smoke I was thinking about picking him back up. Smoke was my first main so Im very familiar with him and I dont want to be just another number in the smoke player column.

For now Kano will be my main but I have been doing a lot of looking into Shang. If you guys goto He has some really good online Shang videos.
Started using Shang for the first time tonight. He's tough to get a handle on, but he's fun as hell. Hopefully I can get pretty respectable with him and use him as my 2nd. I love the fact that his combos can't be broken because you're juggling with skulls. That's sick.

Edit: Got a combo too that I don't think I saw posted. Granted it's sort of just a variation at the end, I find it's a little easier to pull off than some of the ones listed, but it's all opinion of course:

2,2,1,db+4, df+4, EX df+4, 1,2, bb1 = 11 hits, 37%
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Here are my bnb's

2,2,1 or
F4,3,4 or

Mid ground skull, far ground skull, EX skull, Up skull(db2), close skull
If you're fast enough you can sneak in a soul steal at the end. Very tricky though. For soul stealing I use

Mid skull, far skull, EX skull, 1,2,soul steal

In the corner

2,2,1,close skull,2,2,1 soul steal
2,2,1, close skull, jump kick,b1,2,1,4,close skull or soul steal