Scorpion and Sub-Zero roleplaying oddities


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Me and my friend just beat the game yesterday and I just got it yesterday. When me and him unlocked Scorpion and Sub-Zero we were excited to play as them, although Scorpion and Sub-Zezo in cutscenes were funny to watch.

I don't remember Scorpion saying: "You're Beautiful". :lol: Sub-Zero roleplaying as Kung Lao is alright. It really fits him plus he throws an invisible hat sometimes which REALLY bugs me and my friend. Facing ourselves was quite confusing, and in cutscenes as well. Except when the Boss Scorpion turns into Inferno Scorpion.
With Scorpion and Sub-Zero? I just do Scorpion's Teleport Punch consantly with my friend doing Sub-Zero's Slide move. We tried to beat the game again today with them but my friend had to leave for home.
yeah we are sub and scorp....but we cant beat you were trying to beat it for the 2nd time? or no? We can get to Khans hammer brothers mode but after that we die.
i thought they would make a completely new storyline for subzero and scorpion, i find it really sus they didnt, pisses me off to :p
Yeah it would of been nice to have storylines for those two but, oh well. It just doesn't work that way.