Petition to get Mortal Kombat Conquest on DVD in the US

Patrick McCarron

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One of our Kommunity Forum members, jb243, has started a thread with a link to an online petition to get Threshold Entertainment to release the TV series Mortal Kombat: Conquest on DVD in the US and Canada (Region 1). We encourage all of our readers to go sign the petition to help this cause so we can get this DVD released for all the MK: Conquest fans out there.<br>
I'm definitely for both Mortal Kombat Conquest and Defenders of the Realm releases. I would much prefer second seasons of both, but I'll settle for full releases lol

Petition seems to be down though...
I think it would be smart of them to release a TV combo pack after they are done with Mortal Kombat Legacy. That way we could get Conquest, DOR, and Legacy.