Out of Boredom

Geroge Bush lol J/K

if i could do that i would make it have Scorpion or Sub-Zero on it.
Is the TRMK Forum banner ever going to change? I still have the old one that was use before this site went down:
Prophet said:
the_sim said:
Prophet said:
Out of boredom I just made a title for TRMK, for a Noob Theme. I'm not saying I'm making themes, this is just what I think it would/should look like, feedback appreciated:

That is sweet! Can you do more please?

Sure! Name a character :D

EDIT: One thing though, how did you get the font with the shadow? What font did you use?

I'd like to see a Smoke theme.And anyone who works for TRMK should post all these great themes!