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Most exciting fight for 117

  • Silva vs Sonnen

    Votes: 3 42.9%
  • Fitch vs Alves

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Guida vs Dos Anjos

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Hughes vs Almedia

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Nelson vs Dos Santos

    Votes: 4 57.1%

  • Total voters
brock chose the wrong path. it's a tragic story if you ask me, he was a phenominal wrestler, and one of my favorites.
Where is he now, back in OVW? I heard rumors (remember, only rumors) that he is supposed to come back into the WWE light by Wrestlemania or earlier (Royal Rumble, maybe?).
I think it was said somewhere he was in the japaneese wrestling circuit. I assumes he's working his way back up to the WWE.
yeah i heard japan too. i dont know why the hell he should have to "work" back to it. he's priceless superstar, they should jump for joy to have him back, whether or not he screwed em. i mean it's about making money not about pride. they should be overjoyed to have him back on the roster
He was a terrible wrestler and more people disliked him than liked him. And he and WWE were talking, but thankfully it all fell through.
HAHA! Free agent? Wow, he sucks even more than I could have imagined. Burn in hell Lesnar.
UFC Thread

Anybody here likes UFC? What are your favorite fighters? Use this Thread to talk about upcoming events, matches and The Ulitmate Fighter.
Oh oh oh me me me!!!!

Can't wait for Matt Hughes vs Royce Gracie!

Did you check out Rich Franklin vs David Loiseau. Frankin made a hell of a mess of his face.
Penn vs Pierre was awesome as well! :D
Glad to see some UFC Fans on this forum. Yes Spine Rip I did see the Rich Frankln and David Loiseau match. Loiseau look like the Toxic Avenger after that fight lol. Anyways here are the matches for the Ultimate Fight Night on April 6 on Spike TV.

Stephan Bonnar Vs. Keith Jardine

Rashad Evans Vs. Sam Hoger

Joe Stevenson Vs. Josh Neer

Chris Leben Vs. Luigi Fioravanti

Luke Cummo Vs. Jason Von Flue

Josh Burkman Vs. Jon Fitch

Josh Koscheck Vs. Ansar Chalangov

Brad Imes Vs. Gabriel Gonzaga

Trevor Prangley Vs. Chael Sonnen
is luke cumo in ufc? do they let him fight like how they let josh koscheck fight? even though he didnt win? cuz luke has alot of potential, he just has to shave his unibrow.