Lets hope this masterful beast makes a four legged come-back in this new game.
Amen to that. Damn he was hard as a sub in MK3 to fight against. I can't remember but isn't the reason why they got rid of 2 legs was to tone him down and make it easier to fight against him?
Either way it would not have been popular to get rid of the 2 legs. Glad his Armageddon ending rectified that and he got them back!
He lost the legs because NRS didn't want to mocap horse movement. Still a shame he didn't even have any speaking roles in MK9
I can't remember what platform I last fought Motaro on in UMK3 (DS maybe? It was years ago), but he would literally read my moves and wipe half of my health with his tail swing. I turned the difficulty down to the easiest setting and he still mopped the floor with me every single round.