Mortal Kombat Mythologies: The Dragon King Chronicles

Well, it's been a while since I posted a story on here. It's not my best one and it's still incomplete, but I'll post the 1st chapter so I can get some opinions before I do the rest of the chapters up before posting on here. Here is the 1st chapter and table of contents:

I. Origins and Ascension to Outworld Emperor
II. Reign of the Dragon King
III. Onaga’s Death and The Prohecy
Original Timeline:
IV-A. The Return of the Dragon King
V-A. Armageddon and Second Death
Alternate Timeline:
IV-B. Fulfilling the Requirements of a Long Forgotten Prophecy

I. Origins and Ascension to Outworld Emperor
During the early, ancient years, Outworld was used to be a paradise filled with oasis and beautiful trees, until it was ravaged into barren wastelands from the constant civil wars between villages, tribes, savages and even peasants. All chaos, bloodlust and turmoil, there was not a single trace of order within among most of the citizens in Outworld as they continually fight each other for trivial reasons such as more lands, food, vengeance, justice, etc. Yet only a few found a structured lifestyle although it wasn’t a very long as long as the fighting still continues. Somewhere in the molten caverns lived powerful Dragons with magical properties who were said to be descendants of the fabled Elder Gods, but to others. They were far from it as they were the cruelest and most vicious race living in Outworld, but not as bloodlust as the Tarkatans, a hybrid race bred from Outworldian citizens and Netherrealm demons. One of the following years, two adult Dragons were isolated in the cave, raising a whelping. The mother dreamt about her son, someday destined to become something great. So, after telling her husband, they agree that they will name their child: Onaga. But a few weeks later, most of the citizens decided to wipe every Dragon in sight, thus ending their cruel reign as the top chain. Although they fought and brutally murdered their assailants, they were outnumbered and eventually, they were slaughtered before being beheaded and taken to the respective villages for salvaging every part of their bodies for food and weapon use. Little Onaga was crying with vengeance before traveling around in secret, learning all that he can from the inferior species as he set in motion a plan that will make him achieve greatness and avenge his parents in the years that come by. Sooner or later, everyone else went dragon slaying and slaughtered every last Dragon spotted on sight in Outworld. All but one remained. Years later, he is now a grown humanoid Dragon and his plan are set to go. He learned everything that was going on in Outworld and has finally decided that he will rule the realm as its first true emperor. But in order to establish something that will last a long time, he will need supporters and followers to his cause. First he used his magical abilities to project and unleashes an avatar unto the most worrisome citizens and makes them fight for his cause. After having enough soldiers, including warmongering barbarian Shao Kahn, he raided each village and town to raid and force the citizen to surrender to his future rule. Although as much as they hate it, but in a long term, the citizens realizes that Onaga’s establishing something that Outworld has lost in a long time; Order and peace through fear and tyranny. Afterwards, any captive enemies, not loyal to newly established emperor were either executed immediately or were sent to the mines to work tirelessly building weapons, armors, etc. Thus after years of constant war, order has finally come to Outworld for the first time in a long time along with rise of the realm’s very first ruler and emperor. With that, all of the citizens have now bestowed upon him as the “Dragon King” and unanimously, they fearfully approve him as the realm’s emperor.
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Thats quite a good start VFD. I like the route you are going and the beginning as well. Quite inspiring really. So far my only critique is that a little more detail on why the people decided to vanquish the Dragon race could be put, since there was no specific reason mentioned. Other than that I like it, I would also really like to see your interpretation of certain other races such as cryomancers, who we don't know much about and possibly what could have happened to them, if you plan on including them in the future. Keep up the good work mate!

Edit: Just re read the story and realized that the denizens decided to vanquish the dragon race since they were the top race, not sure how I missed that the first time round lol. Thats a good enough reason. :)
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Oh man do I like stories with different characters :-D

I thought it was well written and explained everything very well.
Also you did very well in providing the reader a picture of what's going on which is awesome :)
Thanks for the feedback. I'm gonna put on Chapter 2 now. I'm still in progress of thinking about how am I gonna do Chapter 3 and onwards. Here it is:

II. Reign of the Dragon King
As the years go by, Onaga, the first ever ruler of Outworld has established peace to the war-torn realm as well as build up an army so powerful that most will never go up against him, although some rebelled against his rule, but ended up in utter failure. During his rule, he taught villages how to defend themselves with magic, plus he taught his most loyal members some of his forbidden magic, including, soul manipulation. His army marched into glory as they conquer more lands without any hesitation, even in the face of death, because they know that their king will be there. Thus, they were known as the Dragon King’s Undefeatable Army. No matter how many times they fallen in battle, they get back up, alive and well, and resume their battle. The real secret of the army is within the Dragon King himself. His heart has the power to revive someone from the dead and make them fall under his command and there’s no limit on it, making him very fearful as well. Even though he had trusted advisors within his court administration, his most unwavering trust goes to the priests he has kept in his sacred pyramid, located in the Sarna Ruins. It is also where the Dragon Egg he created is located at as well, just in case something bad happens to him. Although he has conquered all of Outworld, he still wants more, but he’s doing his best to stop this strange inner voice that keeps telling him, “MERGE THE REALMS INTO ONE, AS YOUR REIGN YOUR GLORIFY EVEN MORE AS I RETURN!!” Unknown to Onaga, he’s being influenced by the One Being on a conscious level. It’s only goal is returning everything back into one, which will cease to everything else, excluding the Elder Gods, and the only way to do that is merging the Kamidogu, the very tools the Elder Gods used to shatter the One Being into many realms such as: Earthrealm, Outworld, Edenia, Netherrealm, Orderrealm and Chaosrealm. Also, he has establishes truces between other races, including the infamous Cryomancers, a human-like race with conjure and control freezing powers by using the moisture in the air around their bodies and cool it into ice. And the Shokan, a giant four-armed humanoid race from the city of Kuatan. Its ruler The Dragon King also allowed some architects to build some type of transportation such as the Dragonfly, a flying contraption that acts as a giant air ferry for the citizens, and the building of inter-realm portal for future invasions. Thus far, Onaga will only attack and invade other realms when it’s necessary, as he’s fully concentrated on the stability of Outworld.
That was a really well put chapter. I loved the various references such as the cryomancers, the dragon fly machine and the one being's involvement. This seems like a logical way of how this might have happened.
Finished with the 3rd and final prequel chapter. On the next chapters, it will be broken down into two sections. A will be based on the Original Timeline (MK1-Armageddon), while B will be based on the Alternate Timeline (MK9-). The B section will always be incomplete due to the fact that this timeline is the current one where no future games involving the Dragon King have been released yet.

Here is the 3rd chapter to the Dragon King Chronicles:

III. Onaga’s Death and the Prophecy
As the millennia has gone by with order in Outworld, the Dragon King Onaga was getting overcome by these vision from the One Being, but since the realm has finally been stabled from quelling the rebels, marching successful campaigns in small villages and conquering towns within Outworld, it was time to march across the realm and make Outworld well known. But in order to successfully conquer the realm, the Elder Gods had established a major rule in which the invading realm must win 10 consecutive Mortal Kombat tournaments in the row before successfully marching in and take over the losing realm. As he prepared a grand feast for his army and the court to make his announcement of starting a major inter-realm campaign, one of his most trusted advisors, Shao Kahn wanted the power to rule Outworld. So he started to plan his uprising in secrecy, knowing in his position, he can’t touch the Emperor as long as the guards and other advisor are keeping an eye on Onaga’s well being. Like Onaga, Kahn was too influenced by the One Being’s consciousness, but instead of resisting, he listens to the temptation and the plan of usurping the Emperor has been now put into motion. Before the time of the feast began, Shao Kahn sneakily slipped some powerful poison inside of the Dragon King’s cup full of wine, before leaving the dining hall and going about his business. Now at the grand feast, after the subordinates have taken their seat and eating their food, Onaga steps in with his concubines, before taking a seat himself and gives off an intimidating roar to everyone in the dining hall. After a few minutes of his announcement of starting a campaign of conquering other realms, everyone raises their drinks up in cheering of the Emperor’s successful, but as soon as they started drinking, Shao Kahn was smirking in delight as he’s drinking his wine. When a minute has gone by just as Onaga is preparing himself to leave for his chamber, he stumbled on the ground before coughing up blood. Everyone is getting worried about the situation, and then it turned all silent as the Dragon King has finally succumbed to the poison. Onaga’s priest came by and informed them that in the future, Onaga will return from death just as the Last Dragon Egg hatches. Although the giant egg is in the temple at the Sarna Ruins, but the environment is too harsh for it. So they relocated it somewhere within the mountains where inside is a huge cave filled with lava. After they were informed from the priest, the Dragon King’s Undefeateable Army entered the ruins in Sarna Ruins and ritualistic allowed themselves to be killed until the time where their true Emperor will return to the physical world. Meanwhile, Shao Kahn has accomplished in claiming the throne from behind the shadows after Onaga’s death and decided that he will follow Onaga’s plan of conquering the other realms, but goes even further by merging them into Outworld itself. But unknown to the current Emperor, Onaga is watching what is transpiring in the living, from beyond death. The holy men of Onaga was searching for a suitable guardian to protect the Dragon Egg when they stumbled across Blaze, a fire elemental created by Edenian sorceress Delia, who was on its quest of monitoring all of the realms before the upcoming Armageddon. It was quickly defeated, and the priests put a spell that forced it to guard the egg until the time came when the prophecy will be finally come true.
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Good update VFD. This sounds almost like the official storyline. However I always wondered where Onaga's soul went when he died. It wasn't hinted to be at the Netherealm. Also during MKD's konquest mode, Damashi told Shujinko that he could not stay in the Netherealm for too long since it drained its energies thus further suggesting Onaga's soul couldn't be there. I am thinking it was trapped in the egg and would come out only when the time was right and he had a host body.
I think his soul wandered around in the living realms and in the Nexus as his alter-ego Damashi.

Once I gathered enough info from the MK: Deception Konquest, I'll try to put it in as a good story chapter since IV will be based on the Original Timeline.
Finally finished with this chapter. It's gonna be more than 2 for the original timeline era. Probably like 3.

Here it is, and I'm gonna add a little video at the end of this chapter.

IV-A. The Return of the Dragon King
As the years of millennia have gone by, even after an untimely death, Onaga has been watching all of the realms and what has transpired throughout the years, including his former advisor turned Emperor Shao Kahn, conquering Zaterra, Vaeternus and even Edenia after killing its king and claiming Sindel as his wife and Kitana as his daughter for his own consolation prize. Now in the present time, before the 10th Mortal Kombat tournament, and last chance for Earthrealm to save itself from being conquered by Outworld, Onaga decided to finally make his move, but in order for his plan to work, he needs an unsuspecting pawn he can fool to seizing the 6 Kamidogu, hidden throughout their perspective realms, even if it might take a few years or so before he comes back to life. So in order to find a perfect tool, he unleashes his avatar and begins scouting throughout all of the realms as Damashi, the so-called emissary of the Elder Gods. After months of searching, he was in luck when he stumbled across a young boy in Earthrealm, who dreams of entering the Mortal Kombat tournament and defeat both Goro and Shang Tsung to end the corruption that has been plaguing the pure Shaolin ways for many years. That boy’s name is Shujinko and Onaga as Damashi, realizes that he can uses the boy’s pride and naiveness to his favor. As he easily convinces the boy that the Elder Gods have chosen him to carry on a difficult task, he also bestow to him a powerful gift, which allows Shujinko to absorb and learn the powers of every single fighter he encounters on his journey, but he also realizes that he’s too young to go at the moment. So for now, he advises the young fool to gain more years of experience from training and get a little older. Now 5 years later, Damashi is amazed when he sees Shujinko again, now a bit older and hardened in his teen years. He then gives him a full explanation of the difficult journey and why the Elder Gods needed him for this perilous task, although the latter explanation was a definitely ruse so he can fool the boy to believing him. After seeing the young fool go off to locating and capturing the 6 Kamidogu, Onaga keeps a watchful eye on the other realms to see if any changes occur while he was busy seeing Shujinko’s progress. As he sees his former traitorous subordinate conquering smaller realms, he was amazed to see that Shujinko has found the 1st Kamidogu in Earthrealm. He then escorted the young man to the Nexus to place the tool in the altar, before opening the next portal, leading to the Netherrealm, in order to locate the 2nd Kamidogu, as well as corrupt the teen warrior. Although the journey through the hellish realm was quick and short, Shujinko was able to quickly obtain the tool before returning to the Nexus and places it as Damashi opens the next portal, in which it is the Chaosrealm. When Shujinko located the 3rd Kamidogu, he stumbled on some water that somehow ages him by like 10-12 years. Damashi was surprised by this change, although was impressed that the now mid-age warrior has gotten 3 Kamidogu already. A few years later, Onaga has observed Shao Kahn’s defeat, not once, but three times by the Earthrealm champions, even attempting to cheat the rules by merging Earthrealm itself into Outworld. This has caused Kahn to lose the realm of Edenia, thanks to the efforts of the Earthrealm warriors, plus Kitana and Jade freeing Sindel from Kahn’s control. Shujinko is making a slow, but good progress when he obtains 2 more Kamidogu; one from Outworld and the other from Orderrealm, although getting the latter was delayed because he was imprisoned for years for a crime he didn’t commit. At the current time, Shang Tsung and Quan Chi have formed an alliance, which poses a major threat to not only Earthrealm, but Outworld and Edenia as well. A while back before the alliance was formed, Quan Chi was on the run from Scorpion in the Netherrealm until he located upon an ancient portal which led him inside the pyramid, which it resides in the Sarna Desert. It is at this located that the necromancer has stumbled upon an army of mummified soldiers. When reading the inscriptions on the tomb, he was astounded to have found the Dragon King’s Undefeatable Army. Then he had an idea of how to resurrect them, but he needed someone who can manipulate the souls very effective. That’s when he remembered about Shang Tsung. Afterwards, from the explaining to the sparring, both sorcerers firmly shake hands, signifying the birth of a promising alliance. Before their plans will come to fruition, there are two obstacles that are getting in the way: Shao Kahn, the current ruler of Outworld, and Liu Kang, Earthrealm warrior and current Champion of Mortal Kombat. They have succeeded in killing their greatest obstacles, although the former they killed was only a clone. As a few weeks go by, Shujinko has finally acquired the final Kamidogu in the recently freed Edenia before placing it on the altar in the Nexus. Back in Outworld, Nitara was looking for an orb, which will allow her realm Vaeternus, to free itself from the mergence of Outworld when she shatters it. Although she has located it, she can’t grab without any help. First, she used Reptile to destroy the portal device on Cyrax’s wrist, and then if Cyrax wins, she’ll recruit him to get the orb for her, in exchange for getting him back to Earthrealm. As they traveled inside the volcanic caverns, they both stumbled upon the firespawn Blaze, who is still tasked to guard the Last Dragon Egg until it hatches. Although it will fight them both, Nitara has successfully persuaded it that they’re not here to do any harm towards the egg. After they retrieved the orb from in the lava, she sent Cyrax back to Earthrealm while she shattered the orb to return back to her home realm. Reptile has reached the molten caverns. He wanted revenge on both Cyrax and Nitara, but was too late to get them now. He investigated the place and stumbled upon Blaze. The two fought against each other and as Shujinko places the last Kamidogu in the Nexus, the egg starts to glow very brightly. Then as the egg cracked, a beam of light hit Reptile as his body began to change into something more muscular and monstrous than ever. At last, the prophecy has finally been fulfilled and Onaga was on his way the palace, where the Soulnado portal is located. At that location, Raiden and his Earthrealm warriors were battling against the Deadly Alliance, although Raiden is the only one left standing against the two deadly sorcerers. He tried everything in his power to defeat them both, but with Quan Chi’s amulet giving him so much power, and Shang Tsung can constantly heal himself by taking souls from the Soulnado, their combined might was way too overwhelming for a Thunder God to handle. After his defeat, the former comrades now turned on each other due to lust for power of the amulet, thus another fight commences, in which Quan Chi becomes the victor. As he hear the thunderous foot steps gets louder and louder, the army looks toward that direction where the noise is coming from, from what they can see in the shadows, they kneel, realizing that their one and true leader has indeed returned from the dead. Quan Chi, bewildered by the return of a very dangerous foe, tried everything in his power to stop the returning former Emperor. Even after both Shang Tsung and Raiden recovered and formed a desperate alliance to combat the Dragon King, it still wasn’t enough to halt his advance on all three kombatants. When Raiden began to realize this, he thought only one thing he can do. Form a powerful ethereal blast that will destroy everything around and in the palace itself, at the cost of his own life. Although the blast had obliterated the Dragon King’s army, some of the Tarkatan army, Quan Chi and Shang Tsung, it had very little effect on Onaga, who came out of the rubble unscathed, with the amulet in hand. Now he can shape the realms as he saw fit, thus proving that he no longer resists the One Being's influence. Shujinko, realizing that he had been duped by Onaga himself, tries to find a way to stop him before the Dragon King succeed in merging the Kamidogu into one, thus the return of the One Being.

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Very interesting
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Not bad, I like it. I really like the first chapter out of all of them so far since you go into detail on both Outworld's and Onaga's origins

Can't wait for you to do more of it