Mortal Kombat High

Just post here here or links to in the official fanfiction thread if you want people to read.
Okie doke.
Well I think I'm going to give you some feedback on your fic since your alive now lol.
Well alright then a few things:

A few grammatical errors that I'm sure you can fix easy.

I guess I can kind of dig the personality switch but it doesn't mean they have to start fighting. Like why would they start fighting in the middle of class?

A question though,
what are you aiming for with this fic
Thanks o.o

and as far as with the personality switch...I'm still unsure how to put their personalities into a high school story such as this....It's kinda hard, really x.x

And I'm planning on leading them through high school and what not, and somewhere in the middle of the story, they get their abilities (like the ones in the game) and everything changes from there.

I was planning on just making this story just..a regular high school story..but I felt it would get tiring eventually because..well..look at my fan-fic, it's not all that great..and the way I'm progressing..I want to improve so badly, but I know it won't just happen overnight. so why not spice it up a bit and bring more references from the game into the story? I mean, I'm not gonna do it right now because it's still in the early stage. but later, when the timing is right.

But i can look at the bright least I finally manage to leave a cliffhanger.
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Ah I see.
Personality wise try to implement them from real people you know of.
That certainly helps.

Well use this talent show for the chance to expose their powers.
Like say for Scorpion or Johnny they always had that power yet Skarlet discovers hers during the talent show and it changes everything for her.

Also once the whole cast gets their powers then what?
That's the question you have to answer yourself.
Hmm...You know, I never thought about using other people's personalities and get inspired from it. That's a great idea!

And you're right, using the talent show would be the perfect timing! (I'm still gonna throw high school drama because who doesn't like drama?)

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! :eek: What what I do without you? :O