Mortal Kombat Gold Interview

Jeff Greeson

Staff member
The twenty question <A HREF="">interview</A> with <B>Eurocom Entertainment Software</B> is now on-line at <A HREF="">GameSpot News</A>. This interview sheds light on the many dark areas of Mortal Kombat Gold without spoiling too many suprises in store for those who plan purchase it. Here is the question ragarding the status of <B>Belokk</B>.</UL><BLOCKQUOTE><BLOCKQUOTE><P ALIGN="justify"><FONT FACE="Arial" COLOR="#FF9900"><B>GS News:</B> A mystery character named Belokk has been discovered, could you elaborate on who this character is?<BR>
<B>Eurocom:</B> It was a surprise to us to see that information on Belokk had been released, as he is not a finished character and one of a number of new features that might (or might not) make it into the game. Currently it's uncertain if he will be part of the finished game. If there is time to complete the remaining work on him, and we have the approval of the coin-op team, then he might be implemented. Currently he is only a possibility.</FONT></P></BLOCKQUOTE></BLOCKQUOTE><UL>
You can read the rest of the interview <A HREF="">here</A>.