Mortal Kombat: Fantasy characters


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Yesterday, someone made a good point about Shinnok's look and how he fits the fantasy type character which is true. He could easily have come out of a Lord of the Rings movie or something similar. This got me thinking, which MK characters in general and specifically MKX characters, would fit the 'fantasy' bill? To me there are two groups who are always part of any fantasy movie / series: evil monsters and non-humans with special powers. It is also not just the abilities, it's also the look that makes them fantasy characters.

For me then I would say these fit the bill and could come straight out of a fantasy movie:
- evil monsters (dragons, demons, weird looking / animal inspired creatures) --> Goro, Mileena, D'vorah, Reptile, Torr, Motaro, Baraka, Nitara, Moloch, Drahmin, Blaze, Onaga, Kintaro, Sheeva & Havik
- non-humans with special powers (wizards, sorcerers, witches, gods) --> Shinnok, Quan Chi, Ermac, Kitana, Raiden, Kotal Kahn, Fujin, Rain, Sindel, Shao Kahn + some humans like Bo Rai Cho, Shujinko & Shang Tsung as well.

You could argue of course for a couple of others like Scorpion & Sub-Zero, but I left them out because of their overly present ninja looks. Reptile I'm not very confident about with the mask, Kitana & Mileena very ninja like as well, Kotal Kahn also not typical fantasy look as far as I know. This why I wanted to how people felt about the fantasy bill for MK(X), since I'm not that familiar with fantasy so maybe if you read this, I am pointing towards a certain westernised version of a very specific type of fantasy, I don't know.

I also thought it would be interesting, because people have pointed out the overly presence of good / human characters and lack of some more evil characters; the first group in particular. I think there's a little inbalance, so a Baraka + Havik and Fujin wouldn't hurt ;), but it's not that big. This of course, if you would accept my definition of fantasy and those 2 categories. I really didn't try to fit them in there, just what I thought made sense.

So what you guys think?

P.S. I just saw Seventh Son and the skeleton with a helmet and fire across his belly and chest, which looked very revenant like, who attacks the boy outside of his chambers would totally fit the fantasy bill and MKX in my opinion ;)


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I just want to point out when I first saw revenant Jax I thought it was Reiko or Baraka. Good job, NRS!


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One of the reasons I love MK so much is that it is incorporates so many different genres into the game. It's superhero, it's kung-fu, it's fantasy, it's sci-fi, all rolled up into a bag of awesome!