lets talk new skins for other charachters on the roster

I just want some variety, Terminator Supes is cool looking and all but there are still characters without an extra alt.

I'd love to see some new skins for Black Adam, Sinestro, Killer Frost or any of the DLC characters.

NRS, It's time to stop making skins for Superman. (And Batman)
But Superman is wrong! he looks like this http://images.wikia.com/powerlisting/images/f/f4/Cyborg_Superman.jpg

What's w/ the red? Or is that a alt (>>)

Anyway I'd love a Sub-Zero w/ Voice for Killer Frost. XD
And of course Robin Nightwing w/ Voice
And........... uhhhh Trigon w/ voice for Raven.
And oh yea Crime Syndicate with hopefully voices but definitely (James woods as Owlman XD
And Justice Lords
And Lantern Skin Pack

He looks better with the Red and Black though. However I think someone on TYM posted why it Cyborg Superman featured in the Green Lantern comic I think.
is this legit or fan made?

Fan made but someone on here found files of a Man Of Steel Zod skin. Look on the "Zatanna Trailer" article, it's on page 10 or 11 I think. Best bet is that it's coming with the next patch. So it will either be free with the next update, or it will cost $0.99 just like the Man Of Steel Superman skin