lets discuss Jax's gameplay for MKX

Jax (Pumped Up)-

Gains Unblockable (full screen) GP
Gains Air Drill Slam (unblockable)
Tremor DD4 (unblockable)
Super Gotcha Grab (command input)
Extreme Gotcha Grab ( command input)

Jax pretty much retains all his normal moves and strings except air grab, and 2 unique strings & specials he had from wrestler variation.

Super Gotcha grab: Allows the user to input a series of command inputs to up the damage on the gotcha grab, got to like 17% damage may be higher

Extreme Gotcha Grab (MB): Jax delivers a more brutal beatdown in this version, I connected like 10 hits off this thing, it hurts, landing this gives a nice chunk of damage

Ground Pound: Jax uses both hands to hulk smash the ground sending a full screen unblockable shockwave towards the opponent, this version of GP is slightly faster then other variations

Ex GP: Unblockable, does more damage

Air Drill Slam: don't know what this does, always forgot to use it lol.

Here's Jax's variation demo video and seeing some gameplay footage of his Farmer outfit.