Let's discuss Bo' Rai Cho in MKX


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So, we can more or less all agree that KP2 is awful, and apparently even Bryan Chard seems to agree. That said, I am happy to see that everybody's favourite drunken master will be getting an MKX reboot/redesign.

What do you think NRS will do with him? We've seen them 'rehabilitate' older characters before and doubtless they shall do so again, so what are you expecting for Bo' in MKX?

Surely he will be far less OTT than in previous games, and although still alcohol-induced (at least in certain variations) he will be a 'proper' character with a more serious side. I honestly think that NRS will put a lot of care and effort into Bo' as they know that although a somewhat divisive character, he is nonetheless a classic MKer and very important within the series' lore. I am looking forward to some interesting character dialogue, and especially with Raiden and the Shaolin characters.

What do you guys think? What do you expect to see, and what do you hope to see? What do you think they will do with his variations?

I hope we can get a nice discussion going here, as - short of Fujin - I was really hoping Bo' would indeed be in KP2, and he is the only character I am even vaguely tempted to buy. (I do have one eye on Robot Smoke, but I have absolutely no faith that 'Tri-Borg' will be anything other than a well-meaning abomination).

Thoughts? :hail:
I like it. As long as we got Bo' I'm fine.

I also can't wait to see his dialogue with Revenant Liu Kang and Kung Lao. It's gonna be awesome.
Yeah, he needs a better outfit for sure.

NRS is in a hard place since Bo was another kharacter the story didn't do justice to. Like Kenshi, who was thrown around throughout as a puppet, it was looney toonish as the revenants kicked Bo Rai Cho through the wall then he was pulled out of the hole helplessly like in a Tom&Jerry cartoon.

Then we could see as Raiden puts up a fight alone against the same revenants. Okay, one could argue that Bo had to face against Shinnok too, but the only indication of Bo's true might was Raiden's words about his soul being hard to steal. So it will be interesting to see how they reimagine him from there.
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Haha, can you imagine if there was a short cut scene just before Bo gets dragged away in the courtyard, in which he, when attacked, ran at Shinnok, belly flopped him to the ground, sat on his face and did a massive long fart as Shinnok writhing around, unable to move. As Bo laughs - at the same time, clearly being disgusted at how long and powerful his fart was, and looking like he's about to throw up - he takes a swing of drink, fends off some of the other Revenants and then gets one of his arms severed by Kung Lao's hat.

Liu Kang and Kitana then help Shinnok up to his feet, his face covered in a brown mist and his eyes watery and glazed over. Clearly disorientated and unsteady on his feet, one of his arms round Smoke's shoulder to prop him up, he just mutters 'kill him' at Sindel, who then screams into Bo's ear and snaps his neck.

Admittedly this would have totally changed the tone of the story, but it would have been an hilarious and epic cut scene.
I can't even describe how happy I am that Bo' Rai Cho made it as DLC. I was pushing for him from the very beginning. Can't wait to drunkenly stumble around and kick the shit outta some people.
I really hope that his vomit and fart gimmick are gone, though.

I'd rather his Drunken Master variation be something to the effect of him taking a swig of alcohol, and his moves do more damage while also taking less chip damage.
Bo' Rai Cho is probably the worst character out of all the potential characters they could have chosen for DLC. It really is a damn shame.
Like others have said, if he follows a drunken master style without the farts and pukes he has potential for being a really unique character. He can still be humorous, but without all the childish gags.
I wouldn’t even mind a little puking and farting as long as it’s not in every single movie. Maybe if he lost a round, he gets on his feet and vomits. Or there’s an accidental fart after he wins a match without a Fatality or Brutality. So the stuff would still be in game but toned down a lot.
I always liked Bo Rai Cho, and I am very excited about him being in the KP2, he's the only character I am excited about in that pack, no offence to Cyrax/Sektor/Smoke but I just wanted characters we didn't get a chance to play with in the previous game, I actually don't think they should completely remove his goofy elements from the previous games because that's what made him unique and interesting, but maybe tone them down a little bit, also I am not very fond of the fact that there are 4 guest characters, that's one hell of an overkill, stop blowing your load so freaking early on everything Netherrealm Studios!
It's simple. He was a lot more lightweight, not that humorous / gimmicky guy in MKX story mode and he actually looked like he would've been mentor and grandmaster or Kung Lao and Liu Kang with some exceptional skills.

NRS has extremely simple job. Let him be badass mentor / grandmaster, because his PS2-era as goofy joke character wasn't liked among HC crowd and because that wouldn't most likely sell for casual masses.
I don't mind toilet humor if it's done in a way where it doesn't overcome other things. Having that stuff be toned down would most likely suit him more than having him constantly do it.

Deadly Alliance/Deception looked too cartoony, and that they overdid the "comedy" they were trying to do with him. Now, we have a more realistic look to everyone, even Bo Rai' Cho himself doesn't look outlandishly cartoonish. He looks like a legit person now.

Comix Zone did something cool with their main protagonist, Sketch. They had it where if you kept pressing Down a lot, there's a chance he'll rip a fart. And it's not REALLY noticeable or anything like that. But it was done in a way where it was like "Oh, he let out a fart when I pressed duck. Heh, okay." If they did that with him, that would be kinda funny.

The puking though, well... He's a drunken master, ya can't really get rid of it. It's a goofy move, hell I'd be shocked a little if they actually use it as a stun move where he throws up on the opponent but... Serious tone, can't really do that despite we had characters do that already in the previous game.

There's way to make a "classy" drunk. If they don't overdo the toilet humor like they did with him in the past, he would make a great character. The moment they overstep the line and make him what he was is when you lose fans for good with him.
I wouldn't be surprised to see revamped versions of "Sumo" "Drunken-fist" and "Bo-staff". Seems to be the obvious variations for him.

I do think it will ruin him for me if they once again made him use farts excessively. Burping is w/e since he's taking a swig every chance he can. Even vomiting can be acceptable if mild. But, I think NRS has the creativity to come up with more interesting iconic moves for him. Hopefully they use that creativity :D

I can't remember, but did they show any interesting fight scenes with Bo in the comics? I want to say there were some more interesting things he did against the Lin Kuei clones, but I can't remember. Correct me if I'm wrong lol.
The puking though, well... He's a drunken master, ya can't really get rid of it.

Yeah, you can.

As I explained above:
I'd rather his Drunken Master variation be something to the effect of him taking a swig of alcohol, and his moves do more damage while also taking less chip damage.
It would allow for the drunken master variation without him coming off as being too goofy, imo.
Yes, I'm aware that you can easily change vomit to some spilled drink. And I don't know who those characters are, I've only played Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, and Killer Instinct.

I, however, don't mind if he had some grossness. But, people obviously don't like that and we know how people get when they don't like something. I'm not going to continue debating what kind of moveset he should have.