Joystick or Dpad?

Arcade Stick!

But to be honest D-pad. (Ps3) And I've been d-pad since they went on homeconsoles. MK4 was so hard with that akward 64 controller
Well, tbh, I haven't used a stick since I played MK in the arcades, I've always used a pad at home. But then I've always been frustrated by dpads in fighting games as well, which is why I have bought a stick for MK. It'll probably take a bit of getting used to since its been many years since I used a stick, but a pad just isn't precise enough imo. And if you try to be fast on a pad, you end up being even less precise. I also find it a pain in games like SF4 where you have a punch bound to a shoulder button on the left, and you're trying to pull off movements with the pad while using that shoulder button, its just really awkward.
Always played on a d-pad at home because I have never been satisfied with any home stick, except for the NES Advantage, which was the best home video game controller ever.

My preference is for arcade sticks and I ordered the TE with the hopes that its quality will really match its coin-op counterparts. If so, I will be a stick man all the way.

In watching the spoiler clips and seeing people trying to do fatalities, you can see how imprecise the d-pad is. Or else the people playing just really suck hard.