Jax Thread - "Come On Bring It"


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OK here's a nice little couple corner combos 13 hit 40% uf 1 or 2,b1,2,4,1,2,1,2,1,2,gotcha grab (enhanced gotcha grab only adds 2% so its a waist) 12 hit 44% enhanced ground pound, u1 or 2,4,1,1,1,2,1,2,gotcha grab(same as the other combo enhanced gotcha grab is a waist)


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Hey, I've just noticed that when you perform the EX Dash Punch, you can end with a different throw if you hit the Throw Button I guess. It just happened twice, anyone knows the right input?


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Been working with Jax all morning (off work today). I'm not concerned about his damage, but he NEEDS a speed buff on his specials. His Ground Pound is the slowest special in the game. If they cut about 12-15 frames off of that thing, he'd be a great character. They could also cut a few frames off of his Overhead Smash. As of now, the GP is only effective after knocking an opponent to the ground, and the OS is almost useless.


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His ex ground punch should be very fast not slower. That way pop up combo's would be able to chain together as long as you have meter. This 1 improvement would make this character a lot more fun and able to play with the big dogs.


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I found a great tip for Jax players.

If the game is neck and neck and your opponent is a zoner, use an Ex ground pound CANCEL with a dash forward into an immediate Ex dash punch to get through their projectile.

The Ex ground pound is to get them to think you're seriously going for a ground pound in a vain attempt to out zone them.


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Great video Tony. You made me rethink about playing Jax again. I also have been watching your videos on cyrax because I need another character to help combat this annoying smoke character that shows up at our local tourneys. I think Jax or Cyrax will be better at handling Smoke than my current main, Kano.

Keep up the good work here!