JAX players! - Jax vs SubZero help!

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Hello everyone, first post here =) Looking for help from experianced Jax players. I have been playing Jax for a few days and i am really enjoying him, he can be very unpredictable attacking someone and hes a strong guy what can i say? ;-)
BUT.. my bane with Jax is Kunglaos, raidens and SUBZEROS! I am kind of coming around to playing against KungLaos and Raidens, i can put up a good fight against most characters, but i just can't for the life of me figure out a good way of beating Sub! I'll explain how the battle almost always goes below with any Sub ive fought.

Match starts and either i get a jumping hit in or the sub uses ice clone, usually uses ice clone so ive learnt to back off at the start. From behind the ice clone the sub continuously throws his freezeball at me...when i get frozen, sub runs over, combos me, almost lets me hit the floor, ow wait never mind hes icesliding again (booo), i hit the floor and sub goes back to hiding behind ice clone.

I have tried standing back and casting projectiles back but Jax just isnt quick enough and the sub will no doubt freeze me, i have also tried the 'far ground pound' but its a slow attack and i will be frozen by the time the sub gets up or thiers even the chance the ground pound misses OR i chase the sub behind the iceclone ( which is probably what he wants me to do but .. :-/ ) and i might get a hit in, and if i do, sub 'wake up' ice slide.. hard to predict.. usually gets me, and its back to the whole hiding behind the ice clone, rinse and repeat.

I could have really cut that down alot as im sure you know how it goes, but thier yah go. So cutting to the point, are thier any experianced Jax players out thier that feel my pain? If you could help me out with a Jax vs Sub stratagy i would be most greatful and owe thee maybe a chocolate bar and a few hugs.
Hope i havn't missed anything that i wanted to say and sorry if this is in the wrong forum catagory, im a forum noob o_O
phew first post =)

Thanks in advance!
Start off the match with the high grab (his anti-air grab) most Sub-Zero players use Ice Clone to start the match so you should be cool.

As for when he gets behind his ice clones and starts chucking ice balls, just duck (without blocking) until he gets tired and decides to go toward you. Now you have two options. Wait for him to slide toward you (crouch block and you are awarded a full combo) or if he has balls he'll come at you with a jump punch or combo attempt. If he tries to jump punch you, jump kick and air grab him for easy damage.

When he is throwing ice balls and doesn't have his ice clone up, use his enhanced superman punch (it has armor) for easy damage and to close the gap between you guys.

Hope I helped.
When the match starts, go for an instant anti-air grab.
If he goes for the jump in he gets caught, if he goes for the clone, no skin off your nose.

Then immediately back up if you fear the wake-up slide.
If he goes for the clone-iceball combo, just crouch block and dash.
Try to close the distance, and don't forget, your enhanced dash punch can go through his ice clone.

And remember to you can cancel your ground pound with a dash.
So use the start the pound to bait the ice ball, then immediately cancel and Ex Dash punch.

Hope that helps, I've been using Jax recently.

Are you shitting me?
DCP won again :mad: :) :mad:
Sub-Zero is a bad match-up for Jax, but thumbs up for giving a fight against Kung Laos and Raidens. I fought myself pretty good Jaxs online and they sure gave me a fight and I had to suffer to beat them.

Sub-Zero is a defensive player, you won't lose life bar if he throws ice balls to you, I know Jax is a rusher character, 100% offensive, but you have to hold on and wait for Sub-Zero to come to you. Use low hits, but it's not going to give easy fights for Jax :/