Iconic Horror Villain Fighting Game

we need jason.... fully complete and ready to go im just hoping he looks ****in sick i love jason and i think he fits in this game more than freddy. i hope they really work on him and about nrs making a horror game no thnx to that work on mk10 thnx
The game with the Horror movie characters was called Terrordrome. It was a free PC game made by fans, but they got a cease and desist order from Warner bros. Here is their website www.terrordrome-thegame.com the free download is down, but you can possibly still find it on the internet. Here is a video of it.




Ghostface, Leatherface and other ones you mentioned are dumb, they can't do anything, just stab people with a cook knife...

Though a Sci-Fi Fighting game would be better, featuring some horror chars too, Predator, Alien, Vampire, Werewolf, are some examples.

Anyway, I prefer MK.

PS - A friend of mine had an indie horror icons fighting game, featuring chucky, leatherface, ghostface and others (I dont remember the name =/ )

EDIT - LOL, is the one they posted above *fail*
Yeah, I have the demo on my harddrive but my computer with the game on it is down. I was a cool game but Warner Bros. ask them to take Freddy and Jason off the game so they had to comply. I believe they used Fighter Maker 2, the game is free and made by them in their spare time. It looks like Jason might be coming to MK after all since they asked for him to be taken off too. I don't know but I am sure the game is up for download somewhere.
Terrordrome, yes. That was the one! Nice find. And I agree HorrorMonkey, pretty much that but completely revamped and badass! :)

I was so happy to see this thread, I signed up just to post. My friend and I, who are both big horror fans, as well as big fighting game fans, went off on like a three day tangent of coming up with a great list of HOrror Icons that we'd love to see in a fighting game.

First of all, the engine has got to be the Mortal Kombat engine. It needs the detailed artwork and lots and lots of blood! Also, most of these monsters have trademark finishing moves, so a "Finish Him!" option is a must.

We also came up with using Vincent Price's voice for the Shao Kahn announcer. Other "host" characters that could make an appearance could be Elvira, Hitch****, and Rod Serling from the Twilight Zone.

Now, I'd imagine getting the licenses for all the characters to include would be difficult, but an awful lot of the monsters seem to be either WB or Universal owned. Really if Universal and WB could get together for this game, that's like 70-80% of the characters right there.

Here's a quick rundown of my lists. I broke them into categories.

Classic Movie Monsters: Dracula, Frankenstein, Wolf Man, The Mummy, Creature from the Blak Lagoon, Bride of Frank, Dr. Jeckle & Mr. Hyde, and maybe later as a DLC Abbott and Costello fighting in tandem.

Psychopaths: Freddy, Jason, Mike Myers, Leatherface, Chucky, Ghostface, Jack Torrence (the Shining), Hannibal Lecter, and Norman Bates

Sci-fi: Alien, Predator, the original Terminator, Stripe (Gremlins), Sil (Species), Brundle Fly, Kille Clowns, a CHUD, and Audrey from Little Shop of Horrors

Paranormal: Regan (Exorcist), Pinhead, Pumpkinhead, the Leprechaun, Candy Man, Damien (the Omen), the Creeper from Jeepers Creepers, and Gozer from Ghostbusters.

Heroes: Ash Williams, Ellen Ripley, Van Helsing, Swamp Thing, Toxic Avenger, Peter Venkman, Bub the Zombie, Betelgeuse, and Edward Scissorhands.

That's not even everyone we've come up with. Wutchu think? Any other suggestions?

And I love this idea, I'd buy this game in a heartbeat!

Awesome post! And welcome to TRMK! :) All this sounds like gold to my ears. And the Cthulhu mention = EPIC WIN!!!! Good stuff!
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not a villian, (Ash isnt either, but he is in a horror film)

but evil Termanator from the first movie would work. Also Liquid Termanator from T2

Yeah, he's not a villain, but that's why I have a category of Heroes. Swamp Thing and Van Helsing aren't villains, but they're definitely horror icons. I agree though, I'm not sure how much of a horror movie Robocop is, but I would still love to see Robocop vs. Terminator, or Robocop vs. Predator. Plus, Ed-209 scared the crap out of me when I was a kid. Psychopathic robot with a Gatling gun.

I like T-2000 from T2. He's nasty, would love to play as him.