i cant get scorpions brutailty to work for the snes umk3


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i tryed it a million times hp,hp,blk,hk,hk,lk,hk,hp,hp,lp,hp every time i get about 8 hits in then it stops why!!! i try it fast or slow its relly pissing me off is this the right move for the snes umk3???? caus i got it from the mk webpage and subzeros brutailty waz rong. im going to go try it a million more times but i will probly never get it.
I have the same problem with doing his Brutality on MK Trilogy sometimes. That's the right combination, and it definitely works, but Brutalities are just a bit tricky like that. The only advice I can really give is to stay focused on the controller (don't even look at the screen), make sure you keep a consistent tempo throughout the combination, and make sure you hit each button in a clear and pronounced fashion.
well thanks after a cupple tryes after i poasted i have finally done it. but i dont ever think it will happon agian dammet it was so hard. i think the eazy ones are cyrax and subzero where u dont have to use block is there any others like that?