How To Unlock Skins Thread


iOS unlockables:
New 52 Green Lantern - Complete any Bonus Battle in Injustice Mobile.
Arkham City Harley Quinn - Purchase either Joker card in Injustice Mobile.
Batman Beyond - Purchase either Batman card in Injustice Mobile
Knightfall Bane - Rate the Injustice Mobile app in the iTunes Store.
Lockdown Superman - Complete every battle in Injustice Mobile.

New 52 Flash - Register your WBID with Injustice game under settings.
Boss (Gangster) Solomon Grundy - Beat Classic Mode once with any character.
New 52 Nightwing - Reach Level 30.
New 52 Shazam - Complete all of Shazam's S.T.A.R Labs missions.
Kryptonite Suit Lex Luthor - Achieve 1 star in each and every characters S.T.A.R labs missions.
Elseworld's Finest Flash - Achieve 3 stars in each and every characters S.T.A.R labs missions.
Yellow Lantern - Win a single Online Ranked match.
*** All One Earth/ alternate universe (Regime and Insurgence) skins can be unlocked through Achieves by leveling up and unlocking new access cards ***

Pre-order DLC and promos:
Arkham City Skins Pack (Batman, Catwoman, and The Joker)
Red Son Skins Pack (Superman, Solomon Grundy, and Wonder Woman)
Blackest Night Batman
"Arrow" (TV series) Green Arrow
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Thanks to a friend, I found a super simple way to get Batman Beyond Skin that takes about 5 minutes tops. You need the iOS app for this obviously, but it's simple and you can just give a friend with an iOS device your account info after you do Step 1 and then the other two steps will be a matter of seconds.

I just tested this theory with squirrelpion and it worked great.

0. Make sure you are signed into WBID on both Console and iOS.

1. Unlock the Batman Beyond Card for iOS via the Console Game

Start private match on either console, and invite a friend who is online. Select your characters and then select the Metropolis stage. Tell them do not to attack. Level transitions are performed by pressing Back+A(Xbox) or X(PS3) with your opponent in the corner of the stage.

Put your opponent all the way to the right and press Back+A(Xbox) or X(PS3). Push them to the right and do it again, and finally push them to the left of the stage and do it again for the final transition of the stage.

You won't get a notification if this works, unless you haven't done this before offline, then you'll get an achievement/trophy. This HAS to be done online to work, make sure you are signed into WBID already too.

2. Quit the game and open iOS Injustice app after about a minute, to ensure it syncs, and you should now have a notification that you got the Batman Beyond card once it logs you in.

3. Now you'll have the Batman Beyond for iOS card you automatically get the Console requirement for the Batman Beyond skin. So quit the app and after another minute to sync open the Console game and you'll get notified of the Batman Beyond Console unlock when the game starts up.

You now have Batman Beyond skin for Consoles.
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Only 1? Weird. Oh well.

Still no word on the rumored Blue Sinestro costume?

I'd guess that's a slip up and it'll become available at a later point. It's not in the final game videos, am I correct? I don't remember seeing it anywhere but that one early trailer.

It's just there for show, like whorey... mistress Wonder Woman.

Shit I remember that. I'm STILL pissed her dress costume isn't unlockable.

That one is only in Story Cinematics which means it was modeled but it's not on the disc as a character file, I'd also guess they'll do that skin for DLC if and only if there wasn't a problem with how it played.
I just did it this morning and it said account link failed a few times , but it eventually worked. It also said this account is already in use. Just keep trying. I thought you could get Arkham Harley on the IOS thing too but she's not there with this account.
I've been trying for twenty minutes and keep getting Link Failed or Account in Use. I guess I'll try later tonight. Failing that, anyone else have a WBID with costumes unlocked they feel like sharing?