Goro's Variations Discussion Thread

LOL so we have to get technical and go back to the 10th century? I really didn't think that was worth mentioning lol

In the context of MK the term has never been used let alone anywhere else
Draco lineage not draconic lineage

Anyway I think Prince of pain would be a great name for the grapple variation.
That would be pretty boss, actually. I imagine we will see:

Smasher - Basically he's going to hit and fling people across the map with armored moves
Taunter - two arms behind his back, special moves.
Offhand I would say:

Grappler variation: Focusing on powerful grab attacks. I would like to see his classic Chest Pound, his back breaking grab from MK4, the Goro grab from MK9, and his anti air grab from MKSM. This variation would have less kombos than usual.

Four Arms of terror: Takes advantage of Goro's four arms for deadly kombos. Longest Kombos of any variation and good mixup kombos (high hits followed by low hits, etc.). Spinning Slaps could be unique to this version.

Bruiser variation: Focus on big power attacks and short kombos. Could focus on having attacks that break guards like chargeable punches, tremor pounds, and stomp attacks. Maybe have a taunt that grants Goro temporary armor (similar to Jade's enhanced projectile defense move).

I would also like to see at least one variation give him fire based projectiles and maybe even fire breath. Goro has had fire moves in several games (MK4, MKD, MKSM, MKA) and in my opinion they fit him more than the green energy attacks he had in MK1, MKT, and MK9. Even if breathing fire is more associated with Kintaro that shouldn't be much of a problem, especially considering Johnny Cage has a variation that mimics Noob Saibot's shadow doppelgangers. Plus Goro is a half human half dragon and they really should put more emphasis on his draconic nature.
I love Goro and so glad he's in, but I really have a hard time coming up with variations just like you guys it seems.

Crushing variation: teleport double stomp, some grappling moves, some different throws, overhead back crack throw for example. Recognised by his belt, something distinguishable llike glowing parts.

Double trouble variation: some new moves involving using all four arms to the fullest, like one where one arm punches the face, the other the chest, the other the stomache and the last the nuts. This one is pure attack, punches cause more damage, combos and he should use his wristbands in some way as well. He has some spikes on his wristbands to distinguish the style.

Dragon variation: he has his fireballs, but should also have fire spit attacks (Dragons usually spit fire you know) and something else that is typical to his Shokan dragon like character. He has the red eyes and maybe some more marks on his upper arms and back.

Moves across all variations: that twisting move from MK1, punchwalk, the one where he has a lot of reach with his arms by suddenly attacking with his upper arms towards the gut, using the lower arms to grab the opponent and beating the chest to get the guy off again.

Edit: WOW i did not even see the above post, dude we have a lot of similar ideas, crazy!!
I have a feeling the upcoming comics can shed some light on what one of his variations would be like.

If you are reading the comics then you all know Kotal rippped all four of his arms off his body. But he still managed to live and his father is now sending an all out Shokan army on Kotal. So if Goro is in the game and still alive then how is he getting his arms back? He has to get them back some how or why else did they keep him alive for? I'm not saying he's getting cybernetic replacements but he's getting something back whether it's via technology or magic...
So Goro's Variant are:

Kuatan Warrior- Gains Powerful Ground Pound and Chest Charge
*Aesthetic change* Wears Shokan Helmet and

Dragon Fangs- Gains unique attacks utilizing Bladed Gauntlets
*Aesthetic change* Wears four wrist gauntlets with Dragon Fangs

Tigrar Fury- Gains Fireball and Dragons Breath
*Aesthetic change* Goro's back spots are a glowing fire orange color
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well my points are:
-Goro has same fatality as Ermac
with head decap and head goes into chest
then head from stomach

NRS still are making copy fataliities and we are in 2015..................
same as MK9 many chars had copy fatalities
like ermac/raiden,etc

goro variations are basically
weapon style, sheeva style, kintaro style
Dragon Fangs / Kuatan Warrior / Tigrar Fury
one him gains stab attacks and his spinning MKT move
other earthquake and dash grab
and third fireball from mouth, fireball hotaru style, flamethrower from mouth

Also his universal attacks seem Kintaro teleport stomp, MK1 fireball, MK1 grab punches, and new move walking punches without grab

So what´fn hell nrs or boon have in their stupid head? seriously, boon and company are not going to be like the stupid shaun himmerick said on a vid
"be iinnovators"...................... is incredible if user like tasrkatan trash don´t open the eyes on this kind of examples.
Goro was my very first main, and now I'm playing him again. Tigrar Fury is by far my favorite variation. Decent zoning, plus frames galore, good neutral game, range, mix-ups, and damage. Not to mention the best armor in the game. He has his flaws of course, but he's a few changes away from being OP. Give him a fast mid and a better low starter and he'd easily be top tier. His OTG damage was nerfed pretty hard or he'd be much better.