Frost for MKX


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I bet my ass this isn't gonna be popular opinion... but forums are made for that.

It would be cool if Netherrealm added Frost for MKX.
Now I know that in MKDA, MKD and MKA she was basically just a copy paste of subzero. Only difference being that she is female and has frozen hair.
Even so I believe she has a great potential and she only needs to be done in the right way and to have proper tuning.



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Wouldn't care if she had ice projectiles that do damage. Leave the freezing to Sub-Zero. But with the variation system, I see her inclusion as really pointless. Sorry to rain on your parade dude.
Not going to happen. Ed even tweeted she won't make it. As for me... I wouldn't mind if she was in, but at the same time I don't see a reason why she should.
She was SUB-ZERO'S disciple,he trained her until she betrayed him,either though YES! bring her into the Mortal Kombat X game,maybe she'll have different or the same variations like SUB-ZERO.
Kesnhi is Boon's 2nd favorite, behind Scorpion.
I wouldn't be surprised at all if he was on the MK X main roster.
Thanks for that, seems he debunked most of the DA cast by now except Kenshi, Li Mei & Nitara?

Welcome. Yeah, basically those 3.

Kesnhi is Boon's 2nd favorite, behind Scorpion.
I wouldn't be surprised at all if he was on the MK X main roster.

Yeah, I too have a feeling he will make it. For obvious reasons (Boon's favorite + Fatalities/Sword). Personally, never liked him and never understood the hype. But I guess it's inevitable. Hopefully Kenshi will be as good as Kano this time around.

Yeah... that really says a lot. :slap:

As a fan, I wouldn't mind seeing her come back. I can see what they could do with her, whether they tend to keep her original story or do something completely different. Seeing how many people are so bothered by the fact that there are characters sharing moves, she's notorious because that's literally all she's known for. I mean, no matter where I go, when there's a discussion about her, there's several people saying, "She's a Sub-Zero clone."

I hope she's in for the sake of proving all of those people wrong. That just because she had similar moves and one direct taken from Sub-Zero, (believe me, I can go into great detail in explaining how they're all different but I'm not gonna do that right now) means that she can have completely new abilities.

Heck, I'd rather have her moves more so slow characters down rather than actually freeze them. So she could have her ground ice again, and instead of freezing them, the opponent just moves slower for a few seconds. But, I don't know if there's any damage over time abilities in this game, so I'm not betting on seeing it.
That's because it's a 100% true statement.

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It's responses like this that makes me wonder what would have happened had Midway decided to put Frost in (or whatever the name would be) after the first Mortal Kombat instead of Deadly Alliance, just to see how fans would have reacted, since they always had intentions on doing that.
She seems popular with the fans. I bet she will be DLC for the game due to popular demand. Injustice had two female fighters for DLC, I think MKX might go that route.
Yeah, I can see her being DLC. No problem with that. But definitely not on the main roster. Even Tremor has a bigger chance appearing than her at this point.
I'm pretty sure I remember a post where he debunked Le Mei too. It was a while ago though.

You're right, found the tweet:

RT @KayamroMuayThai [MENTION=633]noob[/MENTION]de my Mortal Kombat sense is telling me that li mei might be in the game EB: Li Mei or Li Mei not be in. #sorry

With 12 new characters almost surely in the game, it seems from Deadly Alliance only Kenshi has a chance to reappear... :(
If they include Frost, I want her Deadly Alliance alternate outfit. She looks stupid in that pseudo Lin Kuei outfit.
I liked her MKDA attire as well. but you know is she is to return its gonna be changed. maybe something close that resembles Sub Zero's MK X attire. just my opinon, but here i though you might enjoy these pics.
Frost Ice Daggers.jpgFrost Redesign.jpg