Free Art Resources Thread

i have MS Paint and i don't have any fake problems with it.I make fakes just fine :D

I have alot of problem with that(MSPaint), but i cannot download any of these but maybe next time(it my Aunt and Uncle computer that i been using this thewhole time, they would get mad at me for downloading them.).

But I can downloading them on my mom computer, if she give them to me(they got two and one for me and Sister and brothers, one for my parent.)...
XNAlara is a pretty helpful program for making character renders , you can save images by saving as transparent ext. i poses the 3d model from the game

Program here: if you have problems you can join and post here ,
additional models here : you use these to make the images, there are alot of models being released every day.

it's very useful for making renders of characters, such as scorpion crouched or sub zero making ice ball
here's an image made using xnalara and gimp

any questions, please ask me , i'll do all i can. the program is easy to use and simple to set up