E3: Midway Sony PSP Trailer Video

Jeff Greeson

Staff member
We have added to our <a href="/torrents">torrent tracker</a> a new teaser video <a href="http://www.trmk.org/torrents/torrentfiles/E3%20PSP%20Trailer.mov.torrent">torrent</a> from <b>Midway's</b> 2005 lineup of <b>Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP)</b> titles. Included in the video are shots of <b>Midway Arcade Treasures</b>, featuring <b>Mortal Kombat, II and 3</b> and the <b>PSP</b> port of <a href="/games/mkd">Mortal Kombat: Decption</a>. We are particularly surprised at the <b> Deception</b> footage as it looks remarkably close to the home console versions. Stay tuned as we work on getting up the <a href="/games/mksm">Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks</a> trailer, <b>Shaun Himmerick</b> video interview, and <b>Ed Boon</b> video interview.