Conquest on UPN? Perhaps Not

Jeff Greeson

Staff member
Well, we've been getting more and more information coming in and it's becoming less likely that the <i>UPN</i> Mortal Kombat TV series is the return of <A HREF="">Mortal Kombat Conquest</A>. <i>Viacom</i> recently purchased <i>UPN</i> entirely and has made it clear that it wants to capitalize on it's WWF wrestling image. From preliminary reports, we've been hearing that there will be a new MK TV series that is a variation on Threshold's web-based series <A HREF="">The Mortal Kombat Federation of Martial Arts</A>. Apparently the plan is to test the waters with the action shot for the Federation of Martial Arts during sweeps in May. If ratings are good then a new series will be developed for Fall. We should be hearing from Threshold very soon. Thanks to <B>CWELLS</B> and <B>xrahviperia</B>.
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