Confirmed list of unlocked 2nd Fatality inputs

1.Is everything at the list at the first post correct??including babalities?
(Cuz I tried to do a babality and it didn't worked)
And how do I unlock stage fatalities? Or they already unlock?
Everything on this list is assuming you're standing on the left side of the screen. And they all work as I've confirmed them all and I'm currently working on Noob, Kabal, and Baraka's Fatalities
If anyone would like to help, use the "Sans Power" kode in Vs 044 440

And use these inputs as you basis for the babalities






A large amount of the babalities are either exact copies from the old games (MK Trilogy) or one or two buttons are switch or reversed, but the lengths of the inputs appear to be the same and the final buttons appear to always be the same (but I'm only 80% sure) so Kabal's should be the easiest to crack as these three do not share the same inputs as they did in MK Trilogy.

Hope this helps, I'm working on Baraka right now if someone wants to take a stab at Noob or Kabal ^_^
I dont know if this has been mentioned but I have the Reptile Klassic from Amazon anyways I was online playing as Sub-Zero and I was trying to do the *Spinal Smash* but I screwed up and did the Klassic Spine Rip!! Now the input is in my move list but it wont let me do it at all offline but I have konfirmed doing it twice online? Would this be because of someone else having the Sub-Zero Klassic kodes?