Challenge Tower Discussion

Just finished Challenge Tower without skipping any of 300 challenges.
I loved Retro Sub and Scorpion Challenge and Gor-Owned.
Mirror Realm was more difficult for me than Challenge 300! BTW I've finished challenge 299 at first try, Goro's AI wasn't that high

Baraka and his blade spine was really pissing me off, but after you get the hang of it you can beat Baraka and Sindel easily. Then it's just about avoiding Shao Kan's hits.
I haven't even passed 100 yet. For some odd reason, it just doesn't interest me anymore. It starts to feel like a chore doing them, not that they're bad or anything.

I'll probably play some more to get more coins to unlock my last 10 Krypts.
Can I get some advice with challenge #299? It is driving me mad! It's the one where you fight Goro with Sheeva, and can't take a single hit. I've looked it up online and all anyone says is stomp repeatedly and how easy it is (which is what I figured at first). Problem is, when I stomp repeatedly, eventually Goro will either do his forward jumping stomp that lands just after I land (killing me), or flashes invincible and uppercuts me when I land on him (killing me). I've tried mixing up the timings of my stomps, jumping away before I stomp (which means he eventually catches me with a fireball), throwing in a few sweeps when I land but nothing seems to stop him from killing me when he is low health. Did anyone else have this problem or did he just behave and let you stomp him to death?

Edit: Done it! After countless tries, turns out he does sometimes just sit there and let you stomp him eventually. My method was watching South Park on my laptop whilst tapping down and up mindlessly, I hadn't even noticed I'd won for a minute or two.
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how many challenges are there in the challenge tower? I'm currently at 26. And once all challenges are completed, does anything get unlocked?
There are 300 challenges which unlock Mileena's third costume. She looks exactly like when you first fight her in story mode, pretty much naked. Oh and two achievements.