Announcing TRMK's 5th E3 Live Show Coverage

Jeff Greeson

Staff member
Continuing a tradition dating back to 1999, during times that were so much simpler back then, it is with great pleasure to announce our <b>5th</b> year of covering the <strong>Electronic Entertainment Expo</strong> live in <b>Los Angeles, CA</b>. While many can argue that, during the past year, we have not been able to bring you the level of commitment to our readers and fans that has become synonomous with TRMK, we have made it an important achievement to provide our thoughts and opinions on the next iteration of the venerable <strong>Mortal Kombat</strong> franchise. In addition to <strong>Mortal Kombat: Deception</strong>, we are excited about the significance of having arcade quality ports of the first three original <strong>Mortal Kombat</strong> arcade games, as many of our loyal readers share the same excitement and nostalgia with the early arcade games.
I hope everyone enjoys the blitz of media and editorials that both <a href="">IGN</a>/<a href="">GameSpy</a> and <a href="">GameSpot</a> are going to provide this week. Please check back with us during the show for our own coverage of this year's <b>E3</b>.