***All Krypt Key Locations!!!***

FIXED!!! Let me know if there are any others that are missing... I believe the list is now finalized though! 8)

i need a little help finding KT... i know that it is in the Village. BUT, there has to be another location outside of the village, since i was still able to get scorpion's alt cost. after leaving the village.
i found it! woot!

well...i just found the key for KT :D , outside of the village. it is at C-7 ..just outside that temple thing with monks.
Now i just need to find a shitload of ONYX and GOLD koins to open the remaining koffins and i will have the whole thing done...that will be a nice feat. so..if you do know of ways to get those koins easily, do tell.
For Onyx and Gold Koins you can also find the side missions in Konquest, some of them are high in Gold/Onyx.
4PM... I think this is the one that is behind a building... run around the building if there is one at that location at this time, or else try looking inside the building(s) as well at that location... It unlocks Ermac's Body Slam move.

It's on Wednesday at 5-6 pm near the water fall C-8