***All Krypt Key Locations!!!***


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DA Chaosrealm B-1 Defeat Kabal
HJ Chaosrealm E-7 Inside a hut
JQ Chaosrealm A-4 7:00 AM
JS Chaosrealm H-4
MM Chaosrealm G-8 8:00 AM
MO Chaosrealm D-7 4:00 AM, inside a hut
OK Chaosrealm B-1 Inside the cemetary
PS Chaosrealm G-4 12:00 AM, Sunday
QI Chaosrealm D-8 10:00 PM, inside a hut
QK Chaosrealm F-7 9:30 AM

AS Earthrealm C-3 6:35 PM
BH Earthrealm H-6 4:00 AM
BI Earthrealm H-4
CC Earthrealm C-2 11:35 AM
FN Earthrealm E-2
GA Earthrealm A-3 4:00 AM
GP Earthrealm D-5
HB Earthrealm D-1 9:00 AM
HL Earthrealm F-7 7:00 PM
IP Earthrealm G-2 Defeat Kobra
KI Earthrealm F-3
KK Earthrealm A-8 12:00 AM, 16th of any month
KT Earthrealm C-4 12:00 PM
MI Earthrealm G-4 9:00 PM
MR Earthrealm C-3 Inside a hut
ND Earthrealm C-6
ON Earthrealm C-3 12:50 PM
RE Earthrealm F-6 1:00 PM
RM Earthrealm F-8 7:00 PM
RT Earthrealm D-4 6:30 PM
SA Earthrealm C-4 12:00 PM
SC Earthrealm A-6 1:30 PM
SH Earthrealm H-2 1:00 PM
TR Earthrealm G-4 9:30 PM

CG Edenia E-5
DB Edenia H-1 1:00 PM
DD Edenia D-8 6:00 PM, Monday
EM Edenia F-3 Defeat Raiden
ER Edenia H-5 12:00 PM, 1st of any month
ID Edenia A-1 Defeat Scorpion
JO Edenia F-1 3:00 PM, Tuesday, inside the castle double doors
KC Edenia C-8 4:00 PM
KN Edenia G-6 11:00 AM
OT Edenia G-8 12:00 AM, Friday, talk to Rain (D-7), Jade ( G-8 ), then Rain again
TT Edenia F-4 Inside a hut

AB Netherrealm E-2
AM Netherrealm A-4 Defeat Nightwolf
EE Netherrealm H-4 5:30 PM
GM Netherrealm C-6 2:00 PM
IG Netherrealm E-8 Inside a cave
OB Netherrealm A-1
QP Netherrealm A-8
SJ Netherrealm D-1 3:00 AM
TL Netherrealm D-8
TR Netherrealm E-8

AF Orderrealm C-6 Defeat Mokap
GF Orderrealm A-4
IN Orderrealm F-5 8:00 AM, inside a building
MA Orderrealm E-3 Defeat Raiden (after completing Konquest)
OF Orderrealm E-1 12:00 PM
OJ Orderrealm H-1 4:00 AM
OQ Orderrealm H-5 Inside a hut
SE Orderrealm G-5 9:00 PM
SQ Orderrealm D-4 9:00 AM
TE Orderrealm A-5 7:00 AM, defeat Li Mei

DI Outworld A-3 8:00 PM
DO Outworld H-8 8:00 PM
GC Outworld G-4
KG Outworld G-1 5:00 PM
LF Outworld C-8 3:00 PM, inside a cave
MH Outworld H-6 6:00 PM
ML Outworld C-3 Defeat Tanya
PD Outworld F-7 Inside a hut
TB Outworld F-8 5:00 PM, defeat man with no shirt

They are in order by realm, if you hadn't noticed! Just a compiled list, I take no credit for this...
why doesnt someone make this a sticky so no one can make another topic about i need this coffin and that coffin where do i get them?
Sweet! This will help me greatly with the two remaining keys i need!

Thanks again, Scorpion!
one quick question. I am having a hard time locating they key for KC. I know you said Edenia C8 pm but i have had no luck. What Iam I doing wrong?
4PM... I think this is the one that is behind a building... run around the building if there is one at that location at this time, or else try looking inside the building(s) as well at that location... It unlocks Ermac's Body Slam move.
Izzy thanks you as well. I must give you most of the Kredit for helping me through some of the more diffcult spots in this game.

You are a true MK master!
thanks so much for the list it helped alot. i dont see koffin bp on the list maybee im just missing it i need this one please. thanks again for the list. also anyone have any tips on beating scorpion in edinia. i havent had any problems beating the other charecters except with shang in netherealm, but jeez man scorpion is like friggin impossible for me for some reason. thanks for anyone who can help
Great idea! I can only hope this relieves some of the constant clutter of "whers deez kofins, plz heelp mE".

I'd give you a thumbs up if there was a proper emoticon for it.
reptilerules said:
i dont see koffin bp on the list maybee im just missing it i need this one please.

*FIXED* Thanks for the catch... I believe BI is also incorrect... I am gonna go through this list myself when I have a chance to verify that these are indeed all correct. My apologies, trusted a website and I guess I shouldn't have...
Just happened upon KG.
It's Raiden's alt bio. Found it at G-1 in Outworld in the besieged city Hotaru takes over, next to the building where Liu Kang is walking around. Found it at 4PM, WED 11/21/47

Hope this can be added.
I have found some keys are incorrect and others are missing... Updating as I go along... My apologies to everyone! :(


KG has been added to the list...