A Day in the Life of Kurtis Stryker

Kurtis Stryker. Officer. SWAT. Savior. Enforcer. But most of all….hero. Stryker works hard to keep his town in order but don’t you ever wonder what goes down? What was he doing before the Earthrealm invasion? What was he doing before Sindel punched a hole in his face? Being a badass? Probably, since he is the most badass character of Mortal Kombat. Let me enlighten you on a day in the life of THE Kurtis Stryker.

a little baised there sweetie!

and don't believe what ur friends tell you, Mileena's better lol anyways good job!
Stryker drew his gun and shot Kano in mid air, causing him to cough up blood. “Nice moves mate. You got me…..BUT I STILL GOT SOME FIGHT LEFT IN ME!!!” Kano cannonballed at Stryker but Stryker pulled out his flashlight, blinding him. He then smashed it on Kano’s head, breaking his skull. Kano was dropped to his knees as Stryker drew his baton and smashed Kano on the side of his face, dislocating his jaw. “POLICE BRUTALITY!” Stryker took out his tazer and tazed Kano so much that his skin began to burn. Stryker pulled away and waited for Kano’s next attack.

favorite part and oh man how I relate to it.
I miss playing as stryker
X-RAY!!! Stryker, the one-man SWAT team. I love playing as him. Just empty out the freaking pistol already!