10 years of Deception

LOL its so awkward how Jade looks back. When this game came out i did not even know they were still making MK's. I was only 10, so i was not big on the internet. But one day i went to gamestop and saw MKD demo on display, i was in so much shock. I remember how dark the game felt and when i played i kicked this other guy's ass with Scorp lol. Man when i left that store i HAD to call my dad asap to buy it for me. Sucks that i will never walk into gamestop and get that excited over a game now that im not a kid. MKX will make me very excited and happy but not the way you would be as a kid.
LOL Kochal! It's fair to say that some spent too much time on finding him!
Though tbh with you, I thought quite a fair bit about him too and wondered if this could be done.
The konquest mode, whether loved, hated or not of interest to others, was superb in its importance to the storyline and re-hashing old ones that may not have been known. Konquering that was of my first importance in the end.
And as for characters, the majority of the newbies were much more better and interesting than most of the DA ones; that is another one they got right imo. Only the worst of them was perhaps the lamest ever in Kobra.
Such an intriguing game to play in the end of it all!
Thanks for the info Shao. What happened if you actually found it?
On the 3-headed demon god, Kochal was short for Koin Challenge. But a character of those sorts and a potential boss is one that might be looked into.
Or the return of Lucifer and with that, the return of the Oni demons as rulers of the Netherrealm. Just an idea!