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I know I'm weeks late, but Mortal Kombat Deception has came out 10 years ago. Hard to believe it been that long. I remember the hype for this game was huge and the reviews for the game at the time were great. I remember people were like "Best MK sequel since MK2". I was in the 8th grade when this game came out and I remember following the game on the Internet at the time. The game had a lot of content going for it and brought back a lot of old fan favorites which got people hype up. I still remember when Deception won best fighting game of 2004. 2004 had other good fighting games that year like Budokai 3, King of Fighters: Maximum Impact and Def Jam: Fight for NY.

Hard to believe it been 10 years. MKD feel like it came out like a few years ago and Armageddon will be 10 years old in another two years.
I got it pretty late after it came out. I remember my friend at school got it first and kept telling all of this crazy shit about it. He kept mentioning this dude named "Nobin Smoke".

When I finally got the game, my friends had all played it. But I got the Gamecube version, so everybody was at my place to try out Goro and Kahn lol.
I was thinking about going back to replay the game, but I no longer have my PS2. If I ever get a Vita, I might get the PSP version. I hear the loading times on that version was a pain to sit through though. The online play was a big deal at the time as well.
I was hooked on Konquest.

The game itself was good, but it had its share of flaws. Namely the new characters were by and large forgettable, and the death traps were WAAAAAAY too cheap.

That being said, the gameplay was probably the most refined of the PS2/XBox MK games, and the addition of Hara-Kiris was pretty cool.
Wasn't a big fan of the hara-kiri only because most were cheap copy and paste. The few that were genuine to the kharacter were kool. I really enjoyed conquest and a version of conquest/story mode should be included in all mk games, imo. Despite having a large roster of throw away fighters Deception is one of my favorite installments from the franchise.
Except a handful of lame new characters, I love Deception! Was the grand comeback for Mileena & Baraka, they gave a great plotline for Scorpion and hands down the MK game with the best bosses! They gave meaning to the otherwise empty Noob-Smoke pairing.
That whole "Kochal" thing can suck my dick. I spent hours on end trying to figure it out. Oni saying shit about him being a three headed devil god. The giant skull statues with the painfully difficult fights with the Black Dragon members. Then a fukking portal. I was so amped thinking I was about to unlock a new character, or fight a new boss. Then it turns out it just takes you back to the entrance of the Netherrealm and gives you some koins.

I went through Konquest over and over trying different shit. Beating the Black Dragon members in different orders, getting a flawless on Kabal and Kobra (Kira fight poisoned you, so it was impossible for that one) and even restarting the fights every time until it was a mirror match. Nothing :mad:
I still have my collectors edition of MKD and also MKDA for that matter. I lurked all over for tidbits of info, sitting in my high school computer class, not doing my assignments then setting my wall paper for this game.
We may look back at those death traps now and realize how stupid and cheap they really were, but 10 years ago seeing the commercial where sub-zero freezes Baraka and throws him in the spikes made me loose my shit, I had to play it! Looking back I had some great memories with this game. Konquest kept me coming back for hours. Also to me it was the last game that had that dark and evil old school MK vibe that was missing from MK9. So more cool points to it.

Also after looking up that commercial again on youtube I cant help but laugh at the korn styled Subway theme music haha.
Damn, I feel old. I remember when my friends from the 4th grade would brag about buying the game but never getting it. I got it like in 2006 before MK:A came out. Konquest mode was my shit! I lost it when I found Liu Kang in the game. I loved the cameos in adventure mode.
Yes, 10 years already! I remember when MKD was on the cusp of being released; so much fan fare and excitement, it was very similar to the buzz for MKII. We'd already seen what was possible with MKDA - now it was time to unleash the full potential of the series on the now-ripe console hardware. We weren't disappointed upon its release, to say the least.

I played a ton at my friend's place on Xbox/PS2, and then waited until February 2005 to get it for the GameCube. Goro and Kahn were a blast, and I loved the newly added mini-games; Chess Kombat was a personal fave. It was almost like the early 00's mimicked the early 90's in terms of Kombat awesomeness.
MK Deception is probably my favourite game in the whole franchise. For one, it was great to see a return of characters like Sindel, Mileena and Baraka.

The Konquest mode was just fantastic. I love an open world game but having that in MK did it for me. I also loved stumbling upon characters that weren't even in the game like Kai and Frost. I also share the same frustration of trying to find Kochal. Damn, that was gearing me up for a surprise. I also remember the frustration of trying to unlock Liu Kang. If you weren't snappy with the meditation the chest may have disappeared too quickly before you can get up. It happened the first time with me :(

I'm really hoping they'll return to this kind of Konquest/storymode. I wasn't a huge fan of MK 9's cut scene/battle storymode. It made it far too easy to complete. I had it completed in nearly one sitting
I played Konquest mode for days on end. Open world in an MK blew my mind at the time and it was a great surprise. Learning all of the secrets was time consuming and very polarizing but I loved it. Also I played Puzzle Kombat and Chess Kombat online and off with friends, good times...

As a Subbie fan I have to show my favorite fatality.

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I remember I used to love doing this fatality but looking back at it, I find it not making sense with her weapon. It'd fit more with a chainsaw.