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Thread: Resolutions 2018

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    Shaolin Monk kadell's Avatar
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    Resolutions 2018

    It's that time of year like every year where we're glad to see another year of broken promises to ourselves, regardless of how realistic we make our resolutions. You might as well go big or go home with the resolutions because the worst that can happen is that it doesn't happen (And anyone who has actually has completed their past Resolutions in full, let us know). Now, I didn't do this last year, but I did do this in 2016. What I actually completed? (Bold)

    -Finish the Games I didn't Beat in 2015 (Gave FF-T0 to a friend and didn't beat FFXIII)
    -Finish the Anime I didn't finish in 2015
    -Play 10 JRPGs including any of the New JRPGs that come out next year (Only 4: FFXV, Natural Doctrine, P4Golden, Tales of Vesparia)
    -Watch 25+ Anime/J-Dramas to completion (Excluding those I need to finish)
    -Finish my Mass Effect Starlight Darkness Fanfiction [B](Cancelled that, lol. Hope to bring it back one day)/B]
    -Release all Chapters of my Legend of Zelda and Reklaim: MK fanfiction Stories (Bruh, I made this promise? These released last year)
    -Begin Working on my Games and Novella/Novels (finishing at least one of each) (Never Finish one, not even in 2017)
    -Get a Nice paying Job (Hopefully over 20K a year) (Worked at Sonic, lol. A few more 1000 in tips and I would've succeeded.)
    -Complete My Junior Year College Courses (Pretty Much Manditory)
    -Have over 90 YT Videos released before the end of 2016 (Need more PS4 Games though) (I dropped 4 in 2016, lol. 13 in 2017.)
    -Return to buying/selling stuff on EBay
    -Improve on my Writing and Drawing Skills
    -Finally regain my Lucid Dreaming ability that I haven't had since 2014


    I had none for 2017 (that I remember), but now it's time for the 2018 resolutions and do share yours. (Go Here if you want to see your 2016 resolutions and discuss which ones you've completed).

    Completely Updated
    • Finish Heroes After: LoZ and Reklaim: MK fanfictions (Heroes After got canned. Reklaim is 1/3 away from completion)
    • Complete & Release my First Game (Better luck in 2019)
    • Complete & Release my First Novel/Novella (Better luck in 2019)
    • Release atleast 20 Youtube Videos (Better luck in 2019)
    • Workout 1 Hour A Day (30/30 minutes Morning & Night), 2 Days a Week, no compromises *Shannon Loftis Impression* (Consistent until May, but not as consistent after so I won't count this)
    • Buy a Drawing Pad (Recommendations please) (Bought a gaming PC and Monitor instead)
    • Complete 80% of my Gaming Backlog (19/24) (11 Games off and now my backlog is up to 54 & counting)
    • Vastly Improve My Drawing Skills (Not to my liking)
    • Vastly Improve My Math Skills (Not to my liking)
    • Vastly Improve My Programming Skills (Not to my liking)
    • Make 4 Different Applications for Practice (One per Quarter) (None Existent)
    • Learn Python & Lua (Not really)
    • Make 12 Drawings (One Drawing per month) (Funny enough, I have 12 drawings, but only 1 is completed)
    • Read 10 Books to Completion (Completed 1 and read 3 more)
    • Enjoy Higurashi: When they Cry ~ Tsumihoroboshi to completion (Bought it legally since it was available)
    • Start My Business (Doing it [hopefully] this month instead.)

    I believe I can complete atleast 15 of these, but all would be a challenge. I might just update this whenever I complete each one. Plus, this is the year Mortal Kombat 11 gets announced so that'll be the best thing about 2018 for me at the moment.
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    Shaolin Monk Last_Starfighta's Avatar
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    Re: Resolutions 2018

    Learn BJJ, travel more and stress less(I need to stop worrying about things I can't control).
    No Guts No Glory

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    Emperor of Outworld Nasty_Freak's Avatar
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    Re: Resolutions 2018

    That's all I have to say about 2017.

    For 2018...

    You'll believe God is a woman.

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    Shaolin Monk Xenon's Avatar
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    Re: Resolutions 2018

    2017 has been great. Probably one of the best years. For 2018 I'm planning to get a different property, different car, more Eastern European/Russian Puss Puss, career growth and upskilling, and of course getting JUICY (200 kg deadlift here I come ). Was planning to get 200mbps fibre as a start for 2018 but changed my mind. Price and hassle isn't worth it.

    I did drawing years ago, if you're still looking for a Tablet then get a Wacom. It's all you ever need.
    Last edited by Xenon; 01-06-2018 at 08:19 AM.

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    Re: Resolutions 2018

    2017 was just Ok.
    Some good moments at the end of 2017 (November / December), but otherwise just Ok.

    I finished up some major upgrades to my recording studio "dead room" within this last week, so I started 2018 on the right foot and really look forward to the upcoming music, voice-over and sound FX projects that I have lined up.
    PC, mix desk and DAW / hardware upgrades also coming soon. :D

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    New Kombatant StephIrving's Avatar
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    Re: Resolutions 2018

    That was a great year! I did so much. First, I started working out at the gym. Then I found a way to hustle around a bit with writing the articles for the blogs and web publishers. Plus, I help college guys to improve their performance. I hope that 2k18 will be full of positive surprises, and I finally do something crazy, like jump with a parachute or bungee.

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