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    Sending Challenge Freeze .. [ONLINE PS3]

    10 years later and none of u niggas answered me fuck yall :LOL:
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    Back from Hiatus

    Haven't played this game for a while and after playing Tekken for a good 2 months, wow is this game slow. I'm used to the speed again however and the game feels fast paced once more. It's sad the Online is still trash though. Hopefully it's sequel is a lot more complex because there are not...
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    Mortal Kombat Freezing WHOLE SYSTEM (PS3)

    This only happens if I'm signed in. Offline play only works, If I make an attempt to play online my whole console freezes and I have to manually reset it. Help? How to fix this issue?
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    Anyone have these issues? (PS3)

    1: I send someone an invite and decide to cancel it, after pressing circle millions of times I can't cancel my invite and the person just wont accept so I'm stuck there unless I quit the game. Signing out doesn't work because it doesn't boot me from the online. 2: I'm joining a KOTH and I'm...
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    Putting Up With Gamespy's Shit tier Servers?!

    How the hell do you guys do it? I never seem to get the first hits, my buttons don't correctly register, my actions are ALWAYS delayed, etc. IT'S RIDICULOUS AND SAD THAT THEY NEVER FIXED THIS BULLSHIT. I also want to know why the devs would turn to Gamespy again anyways, they couldn't host small...
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    Sending Challenge Freeze .. [ONLINE PS3]

    Move this topic if I'm in the wrong place please. Well sometimes when I send someone a challenge, the game keeps me in the Sending Challenge box. No matter how much I press circle, I can't get out of it. Even if I force sign out the game doesn't kick me out for being offline. In order to ditch...
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    vRuh's Signatures.

    All Signatures will be posted here. In order to save your desired image, Right Click > Save Image As. I hope you enjoy! If Anyone can provide MK Fighter renders, it would be greatly appreciated. Something you should know about me is that when I'm not satisfied with my work, I will make another...