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  • Thats disappointing.
    I wish they would have added a custom 1 player match mode.
    I could race on Mt Haruna all day long.

    And the A.I is a ***** in this game :laugh:
    I was doing the Double Damage one on one, we went off the first jump and all she did was touch me.
    My car slowly turned upside down and rolled about 3 times.
    I have yet to play online.

    Is it a massacre on there, or does no one even play anymore?
    That game is hard, but rewarding.

    And split second is only good for a rental.
    Thats fine, tits will do


    Where the **** are you finding these?!

    Sassy old black guys are hilarious :laugh:
    Yeah, it does suck but it probably would have been so laggy it would have been unplayable and unfair before.

    Hope you get far. :)
    Found out it was apparently impossible to link up with someone over private match since the online is region locked, apparently, so I'm just forfeiting the match.

    Enjoy your (hard-earned) seed. :)
    Well, I actually checked and as of right now (13:25 GMT) I have 5 hours remaining. So if you get this perhaps we can set up a match before 6:00pm GMT tonight, I don't know what that would be in your timezone, probably 10:00-12:00am though.
    Also, it's probably worth noting that I can't put in the Kombat Pass due to the PSN store being down and my online trial has run out. :[
    Hey, about the PS3 tournament - I'm not entirely sure if I could even play you (or if the lag would be too great) because I'm from the UK. If you want to try and set up a match hit me up on a time (I'm in the GMT timezone) on my page but if we can't get a game going then I'll be happy to just forfeit and let you have the win.

    Thanks, Kelsper. :)
    yeah, everything worked out great. The dpad isn't ruining my experience, but it is costing me some wins online.
    Did you see his sig before he left?

    Apparently I am his groupie and I "Love swinging from his nuts"
    He will be missed :laugh:
    Kung Lao is a broken ass character dude. Luckily I haven't had many matches against him online, yet. I would say try and keep a distance (I know weird strategy to use with Johnny, huh?) and Shadow Kick when he misses his combo. Then dash over to him and trip him when he tries to get up. Second time he tries to get up use the Axe Kick (Forward + O) and juggle him from there. Mainly just push him to the corner and once in the corner wall combo away. That's pretty much my strategy against most offensive fighters like Kung Lao.
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